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Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 09:31:32 +0000
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We used to do "In and Out the Bluebell Window", probably 'cos
we're not Scottish!, but I remember the rest and didn't those
balls hurt when you clouted yourself instead of the wall!

Tameside Local Studies & Archives Unit.

lavendersblue wrote:

> Hi Margaret,
> I remember playing Farmers in the Den, or some people say Dell, and Oranges
> and Lemons. My children played them only a few years ago.
> Whay about In and Out the Scottish Bluebells? And The Good Ship Sailed on
> the Ally Ally O.
> Who else used to put a ball in the toe end of their mum's stocking, twirl it
> in a circle close to the ground, and jump over it? Another variation of
> this, which got banned from our school yard, was standing with your back
> against a wall, swing the ball in the stocking against the wall between your
> arms, then your legs etc. A few bruises by the end of the day!
> Helen
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> > Thinking of Christmas and remembering our family parties I was remembering
> some of the games we used to play which seem to have disappeared. We played
> "Oh my jigalorium" " Pan, pan, pan," " HEre come three cobblers out of work"
> " Manamara's band" as well as "Oranges and lemons", " Farmer's in his den"
> and "squeak piggy squeak". Does anyone else remember these old party games?
> Margaret
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