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Subject: [CHS] Re: Kelsall of Sale
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 07:26:56 EST

Hi Joan,

John Kelsall and family (1781-1854) ran a smallholding (8.5 acres), rented
from Martha Barlow, daughter of Robert Barlow (d.1820) on the corner of
Marsland Road and Northenden Road in the centre of what is now the shops of
Sale Moor.

The Kelsalls probably came originally from Hale where they were in the early
seventeenth century. They moved into Ashton and Sale in the seventeenth
century, possibly as the result of land transactions, but a small branch
seems to have remained in Bowdon. I say 'seems' because the term 'Bowdon' can
mean the very large parish or the very small township. Bowdon parish boundary
came within a few yards of Ashton parish church, so people could live in the
township of Ashton, attend Ashton church as the nearest church, but be
counted by the authorities as living in 'Bowdon'.

The Royles were a large and widespread family. I can't find Elizabeth Royle's
baptism. However, it is very possible that she was baptised at Ashton - a lot
of people north of the Mersey with family ties in Ashton often baptised their
children in Ashton. Trafford Local Studies has an index to the parish
register of Ashton from 1760 to 1837, compiled by the late Janet Hardman. Ask
them to look for Elizabeth Royle. email: but
don't expect a speedy reply. They are currently co-habiting with Altrincham
Library and waiting for their new home to be built in Sale. As a result they
are very busy and having difficulties finding which box stuff was packed

The Williamson family were living in what was later called Whitehall Farm,
Brooklands, from at least the late 16th century until the 18th century. In
the 1730s William Williamson bought the refurbished/rebuilt Ashton Hall from
Dr Thomas White. William Williamson was a very wealthy man with land
interests in Sale, Ashton and elsewhere. Whitehall Farm was, despite strong
local protests, demolished in 2001. Ashton Hall still exists.

The Marsland family married into the Williamson family at least twice in the
18th century.

Jill Groves

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