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Subject: [CHS] BMD's Wallasey, 1882
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 14:32:33 EST


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Baptisms - Wallasey
March 30th Elizabeth son of John and Harriet Maddock, Wallasey (privately)
31st Raymond Maurice son of George and Catherine Lloyd, Poolton
April 9th Eva Mary daug of Thomas and Cecilia Sarah Livesey, Wallasey
9th John James son of John and Annie Rogers, Wallasey
9th Lizzie Constance daug of George and Elizabeth Garnett, Liscard
9th John son of William and Elizabeth Mary Sutton, New Brighton
9th Samuel son of Samuel and Ellen Dodd, Wallasey

St Mary's Liscard
Mar 29th Iris Theodora dau of Wm and Helen Hilaire Barbara Ball, New Brighton
29th Richard son of Thomas and Ann Sparks, Liscard
April 9th William Edward son of William Albert and Margaret Jones. Liscard
9th Charles Hood son of Richard and Mary Ball, Liscard
10th John Oscar son of Alfred and Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell, Liscard
14th John son of William and Annie Thornton, Liscard
22nd Elizabeth Ann daug of John and Alice Smith, Liscard
24th Edith daug of William and Anne Rivett, Liscard

St Pauls - Seacombe
Mar 26th Edith daug of Thomas and Elizabeth Evans, Seacombe
April 9th John Charles son of John McGregor and Mary Rogers, Seacombe
9th Harold son of Thomas and Selina Poole, Seacombe
9th Clive son of Thomas and Selina Poole, Seacombe
9th Thomas son of William and Hannah Skilling, Seacombe
9th Charles son of Samuel and Mary McCulloch, Seacombe
9th Mary daug of Joseph and Elizabeth Clarke, Seacombe

St Johns Egremont

April 2nd Graham Hadwen son of James and Florence Mary Edwards, Egremont
2nd George Henry son of George Miller and Eliza Jane Martin, Egremont
2nd Clare Banks dau of Robert and Margaret Banks, Liscard
2nd Martha Ellen daug of Thomas Richard and Mary Cartwright, Egremont
2nd Alfred William son of Thomas Richard and Mary Cartwright, Egremont
8th Lizzie Lightfoot dau og Charles and Alice Hughes, Egremont

New Brighton
Mar 26th Mary Constance dau of Timothy and Annie Cardall, Upper Brighton
Apr 16th James son of John and Sarah Young, New Brighton

Apr 12th Edleston Peers, New Brighton to Edith Edleston Lowndes, Wallasey]
16th John Bentley. Seacombe to Annie Westhead, Seacombe

St Pauls, Egremont
April 3rd Hialmar Johansen and Sarah Jane Davis, Seacombe
9th Daniel Robinson and Mary Bradshaw, Seacombe

New Brighton
Mar 26th Edward Ellis to Catherine Jones, New Brighton


Mar 27th - Blanche Voas, New Brighton aged 17yrs
29th James Roberts, Seacombe aged 60 yrs
30th Maria Furber, Birkenhead, aged 33 yrs
30th Martha Shangaroo, Seacombe aged 30 yrs
31st William Wright, Liscard aged 48 yrs
31st Ann Baxter, Seacombe aged 2 days
31st Victor John Plumbe, Seacombe aged 5 yrs
April 1st Alice Blanche Little, New Brighton, aged 2 yrs
1st Edwin Walter Bennett, Poulton aged 7 weeks
3rd Martin Lee, Seacombe aged 34 yrs
3rd Jane Ann Cubbon, Liscard aged 51 yrs
6th Ann Hanmer, Liscard aged 61 yrs
11th Robert Coventry, Wallasey aged 1 yr
11th Louisa Schmidt Seacombe aged 43 yrs
12th Robert Kendrick, Wallasey aged 66 yrs
14th Annie Taylor, Liscard aged 44 yrs
15th Mary Harrison, Seacombe, aged 71 yrs
22nd Charlotte Potter, Poolton aged 48 yrs
22nd Frederic Louis Withers, Liscard, aged 6 months
22nd John Thornton, Liscard aged 13 months

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