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From: "Harry Birchall" <>
Subject: [CHS] Re: Index Difficulties
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:57:09 +0100

This message perhaps is self explanatory, and their is hope for future progress.

Well done


harry Birchall

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Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 4:27 PM
Subject: RE: Index Difficulties

The period 1837 to 1866 is indexed by first letter of the surname only as explained in our site tour.

We have decided to re-scan and re-index this section in its entirety. You will see over the coming weeks these images and indexes being replaced by better quality images and user-friendly indexing. We are also offering 10% free additional units free of charge whilst modifications to the site are still taking place. Please take a look at the section of the site tour called about scanned images for further information.

As a gesture of goodwill I have re-credited your account back up to 55 units.

Kind regards,

Colin Miller

Head of Operations - Family Research Link

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Sent: 02 April 2003 16:01
To: unfilmed
Subject: Index Difficulties

Dear sir

I realise that this is early days of being on line, and perhaps all things are not as you wish them to be.

I am also aware that you are unlikely to be the person or department I wish to address my difficulty to regarding indexing of names.

I am looking for a Mary Ann Devlin born 1858, but to find her I am faced with the cost of sorting through something like 750 pages.

Why can the indexing not be broken down to more manageable pages, where I could find just names beginning DEV.

What really on the face of it is a good and welcome site for all, seems as it perhaps only of benefit to professional researches..

If you could either pass this message on to the right person or department or simply let me have contact details. I would be grateful.

Harry Birchall


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