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From: "Gordon W Evans" <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] 1851 Census LookUp -- PIERCEY ?
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 07:46:23 +0100
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Dear Jackson

Don't know whether you've had a response from anyone else or not, of
course - this being the disadvantage of inviting replies off-list.
However, I can tell you that only one PIERCEY family features in the 1851
Wirral CD:-

Thornton Hough
James PIERCEY, 31, ag lab, CHS Trafford.
Anne, wife, 29, CHS Barnston.
Maryann, daughter, 2, LAN Liverpool.
Margery, daughter, 1 month, CHS Thornton Hough.
Joseph EDWARDS, lodger, 23, ag lab, CHS Thornton.
Thomas BARLOW, lodger, 32, ag lab, LAN Downholland.

Gordon Evans
Herefordshire UK

> Greetings listers,
> Would someone please perhaps check the 1851 census CD for Cheshire for the
> surname Piercey in Wallasey. I've checked the 1841 Wallasey census, and
> nothing close enough.
> >From Cheshire BMD, I have a Mary Piercey b. Wallasey 1852, and on the
> UK census she indicated being born in Seacombe. She'd married (J.
> Greenough) in 1874, Birkenhead.
> I don't as yet know the names of her parents, nor their origin, and I'm
> hoping that this will be revealed on the 1851 (or 1871) census for
> so that I may then explore the relevant parish records. Spelling 'may'
> slightly on this one (Piercey / Pearcey etc).
> I would appreciate any assistance with this, and please reply to me
> with any help.
> Regards,
> Jackson, in Canada (b. in Wallasey)

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