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From: "J A Olsen" <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] 1841 Census ~ Sutton, Macclesfield
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:19:17 +0000

David, if you think about it these are very similiar occupations - providing
essentials to the community probably from a shop on a self-employed basis.
And of course if he was making his own beer both occupations involve skill
with yeast!

A jump from say blacksmith to joiner would be more 'suspicious' as it would
involve two trades that require apprenticeships. My own relatives seem to
have taken to beerselling/inn-keeping when times were hard and I think it
was something widows tended to do as well - little capital required, no
shortage of customers!

Or perhaps he used the pub business to build up capital for his own

Just as well he started out as a baker though - do you think Temperance's
parents would have let her marry a beer seller!??


>From: David Armstrong <>
>Subject: Re: [CHS] 1841 Census ~ Sutton, Macclesfield
>Date: 09, Sun Nov, 2003, 11:00 pm

> Was it unusual in the 19thC for people to
> chop and change their occupation, or perhaps have more than one ? The
> reason I ask this is that my William Broadhurst seems to have had
> different occupations at different times, unless I have got the "wrong"
> William...
> 1841 census Baker definitely correct
> 1844 wife's death certificate Beer seller definitely correct
> 1851 census Inn keeper
> 1871 census Baker
> He died in 1872. Would his death certificate state his occupation ?
> cheers

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