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From: "Allan Fazldeen" <>
Subject: Baptists & Soldiers
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 11:51:27 +1000

Can anyone advise me if there is some way of tracing births in the
1780's if there was no infant baptism? My forebears were Baptist
ministers. I am wondering if there was a dedication or thanksgiving
service on the birth of a child - or perhaps a naming ceremony. Can
anyone tell me if this was so, and if there is any way of following

I know that Samuel ECKING was "invited to Chester to preach" in 1871 and
was appointed Pastor in April 1783. I believe that Samuel was the
father of Jane Ecking who was 23 when she married in 1809. Jane had a
sister Mary, and a brother (name unknown) who died as a child. I do not
know if there were other children, but Samuel died in 1785, aged 27.

I know that Samuel conducted a school in Chester as well as preaching
(but I don't know where), and I know that Mary also conducted a boarding
school for girls in Chester. Jane lived with Mary after her husband
died, and at least some of Jane's daughters also lived and taught with

My question on soldiers is not a Cheshire one, but I wondered if one of
the knowledgeable members might be able to help. I have a forebear who
came to Australia with the Army in 1844. I have not been able to find
his marriage. Can anyone tell me if there is some way of finding out if
he was married prior to departure - did soldiers take their wives with
them? I know that my soldier (Elijah Wilks) had a son in Australia in
1845 and a daughter in New Zealand in 1851. My greatgrandmother,
Elijah's daughter, is shown on her marriage certificate as born in New
Zealand in 1847 but she does not show up on any of the BDM's that I have
accessed. Elijah settled in Australia in 1851 (for the goldrush) alone,
but his daughter Sarah was living with him by 1861.

Any help would be appreciated.


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