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From: Blanche Charles <>
Subject: Re: Baptists & Soldiers
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 00:17:35 +1300
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Hello Trish,

Greetings from a new lister. I share your frustration in looking for Baptist records, but
if you're lucky enough to find any existing records, you may find a wealth of information.
While I can't advise you about Cheshire Baptist records, I can perhaps give you some
information about General Baptists, in general. :-)

In the first place, as you have noted, in accordance with their beliefs, there were no
infant baptisms, but the Baptists did have Registers of Births, which, if they survived,
were deposited in the PRO (now The National Archives). These have been filmed by the LDS,
and to find them, check the LDS Library Catalogue for Chester, (or any other place or
parish of interest).

Since your forebears were Ministers, another good source of information is an obituary in
the Baptist Magazine - again, some of these have been filmed by the LDS. A search of the
Library Catalogue will give you the film numbers.

You can also contact the librarian at Regent's Park College, in Oxford (the Baptist HQ)
who will search their indexes for you and send copies of anything of relevance. (There is
a fee for a 30-min search, but well worth it!):

Mrs. Susan J. Mills, MA, MCLIP
Regent's Park College
Pusey St.
Tel. 01865 288142
Fax. 01865 288121

A helpful small book is "My Ancestors were Baptists", by Geoffrey R BREED. It's available
from most FH societies, and may be in your local library. There have also been Baptist
histories published over the years - worth checking to see if anything has been written
for Cheshire, as these often include biographical material. (Sue Mills, above, will know).

For background history, you may find these books in your local library: "A History of the
English Baptists", by A C Underwood (1947); or "The Baptist Union - A Short History", by
Ernest Payne (1959).

Another thought: have you looked for a will for Samuel? I've found that most of my
Baptist forebears left wills, so again, you may be lucky.

Lastly, I recently set up a website for the history of the General Baptists in the East
Midlands. While not your region of interest, you may be interested to check out some of
the links from the "Links" page from the URL in my signature. (You can also see, from the
biographical material on my site, the sort of information which you may be lucky enough to
find). I hope you may find something which could help:

Kind regards,

Blanche Charles (nee Norton)
New Zealand

NORTON Family History Unlimited

East Midlands General Baptist History

On Thursday, January 06, 2005 2:51 PM, Trish <> wrote:

Can anyone advise me if there is some way of tracing births in the
1780's if there was no infant baptism? My forebears were Baptist
ministers. I am wondering if there was a dedication or thanksgiving
service on the birth of a child - or perhaps a naming ceremony. Can
anyone tell me if this was so, and if there is any way of following

I know that Samuel ECKING was "invited to Chester to preach" in 1871 and
was appointed Pastor in April 1783. I believe that Samuel was the
father of Jane Ecking who was 23 when she married in 1809. Jane had a
sister Mary, and a brother (name unknown) who died as a child. I do not
know if there were other children, but Samuel died in 1785, aged 27.

I know that Samuel conducted a school in Chester as well as preaching
(but I don't know where), and I know that Mary also conducted a boarding
school for girls in Chester. Jane lived with Mary after her husband
died, and at least some of Jane's daughters also lived and taught with



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