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From: "John & Rai Hart" <>
Subject: RE: [CHS] Monks Coppenhall
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 19:55:38 +1000
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Just a thought ! Didn't house numbering start from the main Post Office eg
Crewe Square, which would put 129 Mill Street at the Nantwich Road end.

Rai Hart, Hervey Bay, Queensland

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From: Adrian Bruce [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, 21 July 2005 6:44 AM
Subject: RE: [CHS] Monks Coppenhall

Unfortunately 129 Mill St is long gone. will show you the area in 1882 (search for Crewe,

not Monks Coppenhall, which was only used on certificates & censuses, though

I'll probably find they've made a liar of me by adding it in!) Mill St is

marked running nearly north-south to the west of the railway, from Nantwich

Road (which passes over the station), and parallel to Edleston Rd (which

name is easier to read on my screen shot of the map).

129 would have been on the east side of the street. I have looked in old

photos for numbers visible on houses down there - the closest I can find is

85 which was opposite the small cross street called Union St, so 129 must

have been fairly close to the north end of the street.

I can say, based on what my mother says about my childhood home, not far

from there, that 129 would have been pretty filthy from the smoke from the

Crewe North loco sheds just to the east. No chance of drying clothes outside

unless the wind was from the west.

The streets between there and the railway to the east began to be flattened

in the mid-60s, with demolition reaching Mill St itself by about 1969. Apart

from the southern end, next to Nantwich Road, everything on the east side

has gone to be replaced by light industrial, retail and some new housing -

mostly sheltered accommodation. On the west side there are a few shops and

terraced houses left, with green spaces between that get occasionally built

on by new retail or office blocks. This annoys me, at least, since the town

flattened so much in that area, then left it empty while building on genuine

green fields elsewhere.

If you want books of photos of Crewe, I recommend the "Images of England"

series from Tempus Publishing, e.g. "Crewe the Second Selection", ISBN 0

7524 1804 1, pub. 1999.

Hope this helps


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From: Anne or Gordon Major [mailto:]

Sent: Tuesday 19 July 2005 00:08


Subject: Re: [CHS] Monks Coppenhall

Sorry to butt in, but I am really interested in Monks Coppenhall as well.

My husband's g.grandfather was a forge man in Crewe (at Crewe Works I would

think) and lived at no.129 Mill Street, Monks Coppenhall as at 1871. It

would be wonderful to get any info. available, and I would be very grateful

indeed if you could perhaps also send me a copy of the map please. I have

managed to find a photo of Mill Street on the 'net which will go nicely in

my file, but if there was any chance that the house itself was still


Any help or info. is really appreciated,

Anne - Melbourne

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From: "Pam and Paul Gray" <>

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Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 6:35 AM

Subject: RE: [CHS] Monks Coppenhall

> Hi Shirley


> There are still several very old streets in the town centre area of Crewe.

> Monks Coppenhall is still an area of Crewe. However, during the


> of the railway the area now known as Crewe, was generally known as Monks

> Coppenhall.

> The streets in the town centre are Betley Street, Tollit Street, Dorfold

> Street plus another which name I can't remember. These I believe were for

> the workers. The vast majority of this type of house was demolished in the

> 1950-60's.


> Some slightly bigger houses exist in what is now Victoria Street and is

> locally known as Gaffers Row, as the name suggests, the foremen etc lived

> here.


> Most of what we now know as Monks Coppenhall, ie the North of Crewe, still

> has many terraced houses that were built between 1880 and 1900 and these

> would have also housed a mixture of workers and foremen.


> I think I have some old maps of Crewe/Monks Coppenhall if you think they

> would be useful I could scan an email to you.


> If you have a specific address, I would be pleased to check it for you and

> take pictures etc.


> I believe the name Crewe, came about because of Lord Crewe whose land was

> used to in the expansion of the railway.


> Hope this is useful


> Pam and Paul Gray

> Crewe, Cheshire


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> From: Shirley Brittan [mailto:]

> Sent: 18 July 2005 21:02

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> Subject: [CHS] Monks Coppenhall



> Please could someone tell me do any of the original houses for Railway

> workers remain in Monks Coppenhall? Thank you Shirley




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