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Subject: RE: [CHS] Inague
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 23:49:27 +0100
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Hi Lyn [& Jean],
This born or living 'Barton on Irwell' I think is rather misleading in the 1881,
because this name is referring to the Registration District which continued
until the mid 20th century, my own birth certificate lists me as born in the sub
district of Barton in the district of Barton on Irwell in the county of
Lancaster, when if you read the columns I was born 39 Fiddlers Lane Irlam
Manchester Lancashire. Any one born in Barton on Irwell could actually be born
in Cadishead, Irlam, Barton, Eccles and sub area's of each of these, in fact the
RD spread over to the otherside of the canal/river to Dumplington, and part of
The point is that I take Barton I RD in this case to mean Cadishead.
Would the Partington enumerator put Cheshire instead of Lancashire though?
Haigh seems rather remote from the area in question seeing that his parents are
not from the area of Haigh, but of course it must be considered.
Still cannot say for definate that Jean's family of Partington are mine of
Cadishead formerly Hollinfare but it is looking very much so, and may I say
those that still live in the area moved back to Hollins Green [Hollinfare] but
still worship at the Cadishead Wesleyan Methodist rather than the Methodist at
Hollins Green.
Thank you Lyn for your views but what you are saying is that Jean's family seem
to go back to Hugh of Hollinfare [my Hugh], albeit the pieces are not quite so
clear yet.
Alan T... {East Midlands UK}

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> Dear Jean,
> Pondered for a long time over this one! Is it possible that it says
> exactly what you thought it said? It's definitely not an 'M' at the
> beginning. Although the place of birth is given as Partington
> in 1881 the
> fact that it's something different in 1861 would seem significant.
> A lot depends on who answers the questions at each successive
> census. This
> may be fanciful thinking but do you think someone might have
> answered " in
> Haigh" ? There are several Arstalls born in Haigh in
> Lancashire (see 1881 census).
> In any case I don't think it's vital as wherever he was actually born
> William Arstall was baptised at the Wesleyan Methodist
> Church, Cadishead on
> 16th July 1826. His parents were married at Manchester
> Cathedral on 23rd
> August 1820 (IGI) and his Father is still alive in 1881
> living in Barton on
> Irwell, a widower with his widowed daughter Ann Astley . He
> was born in
> Hollinsgreen which is quite near to Partington but on the
> other bank of the
> River Mersey in Lancs. He married Elizabeth Blasley.
> I'm sure you know all this already. Strangely when I tried to
> search for
> Peter James Arstall born Haigh, Lancs on the Lancs disc
> again nothing came
> up. I searched for George Arstall, his father and there he
> was. Which just
> goes to show the vagaries of the 1881 indexing system.
> Is it conceivable that William was born in Haigh, Lancs? What
> do you think?
> Yours, Lyn

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