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From: (Carl Rogerson)
Subject: Re: [CHS] Carl's Cam and the Memorial Garden at Heyhead (Ringway)
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:03 +0100 (BST)
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I went to have a look at the memorial garden today, what an interesting
find, thanks for letting us know about it David. A deaf person could sit
in the little garden surrounded by railings and a tall hedge and imagine
themselves in the heart of the countryside. For the rest us, the nearby
whine of jet engines would destroy the illusion. The memorials look as
though they were taken from the interior walls of the church when it was

The garden looks so neat and tidy, in contrast with the nearby thatched
cottage. I went to see the cottage when you originally mentioned it,
hoping for a photograph. But I couldn't make it look interesting. The
cottage looks so sad and drab. It could be developed into an interesting
feature for a airport hotel or restaurant, but I suspect it will be
demolished and replaced by a multi-story car park or terminal building.

I will shortly create a web page for those memorials, and add them to the
CarlsCam web site. I will be good to get back to work on the web site. I
have not had time for it recently. For the past three months I spent all
free time with my mother who was seriously, and as it turned out, sadly,
terminally ill.


> I was going to contact Carl about the Memorial Garden at Heyhead but I
> thought other listers might be interested in this, too (for those that
> don't know Carl has a website called Carl's Cam showing photographs of
> memorials, building and places all over our area).
> Some time ago I posted a note about the Old Thatch (cottage) on Ringway
> Road at Manchester Airport. The Old Thatch is now in a very sad state
> and I wouldn't be too surprised if one day it suddenly disappears (i.e.
> gets demolished). But this is not the subject of this posting.
> I've now discovered there is a Memorial Garden very close to the Old
> Thatch commemorating Heyhead Congregational Church (Heyhead, Ringway)
> and some of the folks connected to the church who died in the two World
> Wars.
> Access to the Garden is difficult as parking on Ringway Road is almost
> impossible (don't try it the police will have you in seconds). The best
> way to it is via the Black Path from Woodhouse Park. If you need further
> details please contact me or look at the webpages I've created:
> There are numerous names on the plaques some of whom include Bailey,
> Bracegirdle, Hewitt, Lovesey, Wood, Worsley and Wright. I've included a
> picture of WILLIAM JAMES HEWITT given to me by a descendent (four
> generations are in the photograph which must have been taken just before
> William Hewitt went to the front in 1914-1918).
> If you need any other pictures, Carl, please contact me as I took quite
> a few yesterday (19 August 2005).

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