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Subject: [CHS] : Don't MAUL the Cat
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 08:21:38 EST

Hi Listers,
I have been mulling over the recent "List" definition of the word MAULE
as a Hammer.
I first came across the word as an instruction from my Mother "Not to handle
the Cat in an inappropriate manner." (lol) This meaning was strengthened in
my Comics which referred to Wrestlers as MAULERS. OK so it could be an
adjective or a verb.
My Grandfather was a sign writer and he used sticks with balls on the end,
which he called MAULS (also spelled as MAALS, MAHLS from the Dutch word paint)
My GreatGrandfather was a gardener and he used MARL as a fertiliser (on an
old map of Alderley Edge there is an area marked as "Marled Field")
Then there is the shopping MALL which comes from Pall Mall in London, which
derives from the French Pele Mele (which was a riotous game played in an
The English archers at Agincourt carried Lead Maules, which were short
handled hammers.
These tools were meant to drive in stakes to protect the archers, but were
used in the latter stages of the battle to "cull the French knights".
So MAUL could be an adjective, verb or object.
My ancestor's inventory of 1611 lists "Item one Mouler", I wonder what that
is ?
Ricky Cooper.

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