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From: "Rodney Hall" <>
Subject: RE: [CHS] : Don't MAUL the Cat
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 14:06:12 -0000
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| Hi Listers,
| I have been mulling over the recent "List" definition of the
| word MAULE as a Hammer.
| I first came across the word as an instruction from my Mother "Not to
| handle the Cat in an inappropriate manner." (lol) This meaning was
| strengthened in my Comics which referred to Wrestlers as MAULERS. OK
| so it could be an adjective or a verb.
| My Grandfather was a sign writer and he used sticks with balls on the
| end, which he called MAULS (also spelled as MAALS, MAHLS from the
| Dutch word paint) My GreatGrandfather was a gardener and he used
| MARL as a fertiliser (on an old map of Alderley Edge there is an area
| marked as "Marled Field") Then there is the shopping MALL which comes
| from Pall Mall in London, which derives from the French Pele Mele
| (which was a riotous game played in an alley). The English archers at
| Agincourt carried Lead Maules, which were short handled hammers.
| These tools were meant to drive in stakes to protect the archers, but
| were used in the latter stages of the battle to "cull the French
| knights". So MAUL could be an adjective, verb or object.
| My ancestor's inventory of 1611 lists "Item one Mouler", I wonder
| what that is ?
| Ricky Cooper.

Rodney HALL
Heywood, Lancashire

Suaviter sed fortiter
Agreeably but powerfully

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