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From: "V&A Taylor" <>
Subject: RE: [CHS] AOLers not receiving mail
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 10:14:32 -0000
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Hi Carl,
If AOL'ers cannot read your explanation, could it be within your
abilities to post it direct from your email address to them to fetch
them upto date and also ensuring Maureen receives an answer to her
posting along with a message for them to regularly check posts in the
list archives. I cannot post via NTL to AOL addresses either since that
AOL lister put that warning on list about my Family Genealogy website
being a phishing site, which you kindly checked out and confirmed it to
be a false accusation.
Like you, I feel that AOL are treating their ADULT subscribers as
children and have now lost touch with several contacts due to this

Alan T... (East Midlands, UK)

Please visit my family genealogy websites via:-

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> Maureen asked "I need to know if the problem is with AOL".
> Yes, the problem lies with AOL.
> For most of the past twelve months AOL has refused to allow
> its subscribers
> to receive the Cheshire Digest. Now AOL has started to block
> individual
> Cheshire List messages as well.
> There is a fight against spam, but in blocking spam the
> technicians at AOL
> don't appear to be too concerned about blocking messages that
> subscribers do
> want to receive.
> From my point of view at Cheshire List Admin, AOL appears to
> be incompetent
> and uncaring.
> With apologies to subscribers to other ISPs and in the
> knowledge that,
> unless AOL have put their act together in the last 12 hours,
> those who need
> to see this message will be barred from receiving it. At
> least it will be in
> the List archive, so AOLers who look there will be able to
> see what is
> happening.
> Carl Rogerson,
> Cheshire List Admin.
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