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Mike Morris wrote:

>Have you considered the Massey name might also make a connection to the
>Massey Ferguson or Harris tractor company in Canada whose sons were famous .
>One was Raymond Massey the actor another was a politician. I thought they
>had a connection to England in their past.
Sorry, just picking up on this thread now ....

The family was in Canada from at least 1823 (birth of Hart Almerin
Massey). I don't know where they hailed from before that time. The
Massey empire was established as a small foundry and machine shop in
Newcastle, Canada West (now Ontario) by Hart's father, Daniel Massey, in
1849. In 1879 the Massey Manufacturing Company moved to Toronto.

There is a large Massey family mausoleum in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in
Toronto built by Hart A. Massey, for the interment of his sons -
likewise the infamous Massey Hall.

The grandsons of Hart, through his son Chester, were Vincent and Raymond
Massey. Vincent was our first Canadian-born Governor General (1952-59).
He served as president of the Massey-Harris Company from 1921 to 1925.
His brother, Raymond Massey was an actor. For those who remember "Dr.
Kildare", Raymond played the part of Dr. Gillespie.


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