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Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 19:46:45 -0000
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Hi Alison,

Depends on which books you need to look at. Trades directories etc are
often available on CD, so someone on the list might be able to do look-ups
for you.

Census information is available on CD as well as at Family History Centres.
Requesting look-ups for these things on the list is very often sucessful.
People are very generous with both their time and available data.

As for marriage/birth/death certificates. Anything after 1837 is likely to
be on the Cheshire BMD website (not complete yet, but getting there). You
do a search and if you find the person you want, click on the link at the
righ hand side. This produces a form you can print off and fill in.
Complete the payment section or write a cheque and all you do then is pop it
in the post and wait for the certificate to arrive.

There are other places to get certificates from (GRO in Southport for one),
but I find the local registrars are usually faster and generally have more
time to be helpful.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get marriage information withour
paying for a certificate. Many parish registers have not been transcribed
so certificates are the only answer in lots of cases. If it's before 1837,
it's a case of looking at parish registers. Often people on the list are
willing to do look-ups providing there isn't too big a time scale with the
information you're looking for.

If you're interested in books on Macclesfield in particular, try Amazon on
the internet. They have links with their international sites & you can buy
direct from most of them. Also, there is quite a lot of stuff comes up on
e-bay - always worth a look!

There are quite a few books available about Macclesfeild, most of which have
lots of photos (I'm even in a couple of them!).

I'm sure others on the list will have more information and help for you.


Lesley Baxendale
Colwyn Bay, N Wales

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Just a question--I look stuff up on the internet and find books at the
library out there that would help alot with what I need. However, I am
clear out in the USA. How do I get copies of those books clear out here?
Our library doesn't have the same books that are in England, but I need
those in order to get my information. Any ideas? I can't afford to travel
out there with my three little kids right now. Also, anybody have any ideas
about how to find things like wills or marriage certificates for people from
Macclesfield? I am working on HARROPs. Thanks ahead of time.

Allison Robinson
Colorado, USA

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