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Subject: Re: [CHS] The Great Plague
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 17:47:07 -0600
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One suspects a more thorough examination will determine that both the
fleas and a virus were involved in transmitting the plague, with the virus
being the infectious agent and the fleas their mode of transport ~ along
with rats which were the beasts of burden for the fleas.
My wife and I visited Eyam in 1978 and found it fascinating. In the
parish church a copy of the parish register including the time of plague was
on display and accessible for anyone, be he serious student or idly curious
tourist. The church yard is also more than worth a visit.

Paul (Comal County, Texas)

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> Perhaps a better account of the Eyam plague may be had from the book (now
> on CD) The Brave Men of Eyam.
> Cheers
> Guy
> wrote:
>> Hi Ruth and thanks,
>> I'm afraid the writer of the article has made a number of errors. For
>> instance no mention is made of Lord Derby's involvement, nor the fact
>> that the inhabitants never expected to lose 5/6ths of their number when
>> they agreed to the quarantine. Current thinking is that a virus was to
>> blame and not the fleas. Also there were two types of attack - the first
>> consisted of Bubos (lumps) which showed in the groin or in the armpits;
>> the second attacked the lungs and death was certain within three
>> days.Viz. Bubonic Plague and Pneumonic Plague.
>> Still it was interesting. Some of the other articles on this "history
>> learning site" also had errors, which is not so good considering it was
>> only written last year.
>> Regards,
>> Ricky.(who never makes mitsakes)
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