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From: "Denise Lawrence-Jones" <>
Subject: Re: Communal Graves
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 16:16:25 -0000

Hi there,

Could I pick the groups respective brains about communal graves? I
discovered, after many years of searching, that my paternal Grandmother was
buried in a communal grave in Overleigh Cemetery Chester. Thanks to the
Overleigh Cemetery Website I was able to locate a grave number, but was
horrified to find that she was buried with about 15 others, including,
sadly, some still born babies.

My question is, how on earth would they fit so many folk into one grave? I
assume that they not only went down, but to the side as well, thus occupying
several feet of ground on either side also. Can anyone shed any light on
the subject? Maybe I am totally off the mark, and they did dig a very very
deep hole to accommodate the bodies.


Denise Lawrence-Jones

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