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From: "Roger Heath" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:14:57 -0000

Dear All,
I am seeking your expertise:-
I am searching for confirmation of place of birth for a GEORGE WRIGHT, my
He is identified in the 1841 Census of Llanrhaiadr, Denbighshire, as a
farmer of 200 acres, aged stated to be 40 years, hailing from "Bunberry" (I
assume Bunbury), Cheshire.
So I assume he was born 1800/1801 period.

Subsequent checks however within Bunbury have, to date, identified no
evidence of birth there.

I do realise that the next obvious step would be to go the Chester Record
Office, which is stated to hold Bunbury Registers of Baptisms 1598 - 1953,
and look through such documents.
However current mobility problems prevent me from getting to the record
office at the moment.
So is there anybody out there who has access to such baptism records, or
similar, via any means, who could look up for me, and help identify the
actual place of birth, whilst I`m trying to sort out my mobility problem and
get to the record office?

Eirlys Heath

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