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From: Malcolm Shaw <>
Subject: Ancestry replies
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 15:22:09 -0700

Many thanks to Gill Smith; Anouska; Bob; Val Taylor; Norris Burdette;
Lauretta Kavanagh; Dorothy James and Kieran Hoyle for your replies to my
comments about Ancestry. I had not seen the buttons "exact" or "ranked
search" but the next time I am at the Library I will give each a try and
see what I can get.

If my memory serves me correctly this problem with the U.S. Ancestry has
been aired on this list before some time ago. Listers were commenting
that they got all sorts of information about people in the U.S. with the
same name but not relevant to the U.K. family they were researching.

Once again, many thanks to all. I knew the Listers would have some good


Malcolm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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