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Subject: Re: 17th century handwriting.
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 04:40:48 EST

Thanks to all those who replied to my query.
This guy is not a relative, just one of many who I have been surveying for
evidence of occupation during that period.
I think on balance that that this was probably money that he had out at
interest or other such investment, the accountants green baize.
Grave plots/church fees were not that high at the time, I have a record of
9/- being paid for grave fees in Manchester Cathedral in 1744, and £2.2s for
the coffin.
Salford was not very big in 1683, but I don't think that there was a village
green, or land for enclosure, most was owned by local nobility and leased
Thanks again,

Another query, How does one put the LDS right on the record of a marriage?
They have John and Elizabeth Raffald (of the Directory fame) nee Whittaker,
marrying at Manchester in 1763. Budworth PR has them marrying there on
3.3.1763, she nee Wilkinson dau of Ralph who was a witness.


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