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Subject: [CHS] : Canal Puddler
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 06:33:25 EST

Hi Lyn,
My previous Email referred to an Iron Puddler, playing about with
molten iron.
But there is another sort of Puddler, much more suited to an 18 year old :))
After canals were cut out they were not waterproof, so a layer of clay was
"puddled" onto the bottom and sides. Hence the job of "Canal Puddler" The
Canal viaduct over the Kidsgrove Road near where I live has not leaked since it
was first puddled many years ago.
"Why does he call you Ee-aw ?" said Pooh.
"Dunno. Ee-aw, Ee-aw, Ee-awlways calls me that." said Ee-aw.
"Let's go and play Pooh sticks." said Pooh.


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