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Subject: Re : [CHS] : An Iron Puddler
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:22:48 EST

Hi Lyn,
Found this on the Web :
“Thomas Casey worked at Shelton Iron Works, Hanley as a Puddler. The puddler’
s job was a particularly hot and dangerous one. He stirred the molten iron
with a long rod, to bring the slag and impurities to the surface, where they
could be skimmed off. It was a skilled job at which he was very capable.
This job had an added bonus - it created thirst which needed to be quenched - by
beer - they had a daily allowance of six pints of beer each day!
Unfortunately, Thomas’ son John was tragically killed at Shelton Iron Works on 26th
March 1913 in an accident. John was only 17 years old. John’s older brother,
Thomas was to die on 28th May 1918 at Ypres in WW1 aged 23. ”
Ricky Cooper.

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