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From: Ellen Edwards <>
Subject: Fw: [CHS] Wills Question? What is that O?
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:46:50 -0800

Yes, I have wondered about an O, also.
And have a similar question, with letters and numbers above the door of an
old timbered house, Lawton Street in Congleton.
>> Top line: 1 6 H 7 1
>> Directly Underneath: W O M
The O is directly under the H. On each side of the WOM is a small white
square with a black eagle shape. The Moretons of Little Moreton Hall use the
greyhound or wolf as their emblem, but that is another topic...
As I'm sure I read somewhere this was a house of the Moretons, my guess for
the letters is "House of William of Moreton."
Any comments?
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>> It occurred to me after I switched off, it is probably the ordinal
>> e.g.19o
>> = 19th 'undevicesimo' on the nineteenth day in Latin.
>> Let me know if this fits the context.
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>> Subject: [CHS] Wills Question?
>> Just above and to the right of the last date is a small letter "o"
>> Has any one come across this before. >>> >

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