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From: "M.A.Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: Anti-spam problems
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 15:52:40 +0100
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NTL have also caused me to lose some messages and I found that when I
checked my account on their web site, and clicked on mail/spam it gives 4

0 delete spam immediately *(set without my knowing about it)
0 send to webmail spam folder for 7 days
0 forward to your inbox without filtering *(now changed to this)
0 forward to your inbox labelled as spam

I already have Norton security which filters anything which it considers
spam, and puts it straight into my spam folder, so as soon as I see it
highlighted I check it. Usually it is something from Tesco etc, which I can
do without, but sometimes it can be a reply message I have been waiting for,
and hadn't noticed it sat in the spam folder. At least I can delete what I
want, or move it back into inbox.

I would recommend all ntl users to check their accounts as these settings
are done without your knowledge, it seems to me. My son checked his and it
was set the same, and he didn't know either.

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From: "Carl Rogerson" <>
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Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 3:30 PM
Subject: [CHS] LIST ADMIN: Anti-spam fritters

> Spam (unwanted email) is a big problem for email users. Some ISPs'
> attempts
> to resolve the problem make it much worse. Dear Lister, please read this
> message to learn how you can help the Cheshire List to avoid the problem.
> The root of the problem is that the Cheshire List/Digest is being
> identified
> as spam. Some ISPs are refusing to allow their subscribers to receive it.
> This tends to occur intermittently. Many Listers receive only part of the
> List. They may not be aware of the missing messages.
> In some ways it has become too easy for email users to report spam. Some
> thoughtless Listers are doing it, rather than unsubscribing when they no
> longer want to receive the List. Unfortunately that causes the list to be
> blocked more generally. Hence the First Lesson:
> - When you no longer want to receive the List, please unsubscribe.
> Do not report the List or Digest as spam.
> Some ISPs identify potential spam by putting it into a spam folder. Some
> Listers who use this type of service are reading List/Digest messages and
> leaving them in the spam folder. That is the Second Lesson:
> - If you use this type of service please move the List/Digest out
> of the spam folder. If you leave it there it will be reported as spam.
> Further messages may be blocked.
> There are two services that regularly report the Cheshire List as spam.
> Spamcop is one. Spamcop is a good anti-spam service used by many ISPs.
> However, it can only report what it is told. I understand that it operates
> on a 24 hour cycle. So when it is told by someone that the Cheshire List
> is
> spam, ISPs who use the Spamcop service block the List for 24 hours. This
> causes some Listers to be automatically unsubscribed by Rootsweb. If this
> happens to you, you should leave it for 24 hours then re-subscribe. You
> can
> also ask your ISP to place the Cheshire List on your personal Whitelist,
> so
> you continue to receive it even when it is blacked by Spamcop. Good ISPs
> offer a Whitelist service, (although some aren't very reliable.)
> AOL is the other service that regularly reports the Cheshire List to be
> spam. They are the worse offenders. There is something very wrong with
> their
> anti-spam service. The problem has been around for a year. AOL appear to
> be
> unable to do anything to improve it.
> Curiously, AOL block the Digest more than the List. In the last three
> months
> they have blocked 97 Digests out of the 148 circulated. AOL subscribers to
> the Cheshire Digest have received only a third of the messages circulated.
> Many ISPs allow users to block messages from certain sources. Usually
> those
> messages are returned-to-sender. That allows the sender to prune the
> circulation list. When AOL returns a Digest they do so for all
> subscribers.
> Thus non of the subscribers receives a Digest, and we at List Admin can't
> tell which (if any) of the subscribers doesn't want to receive it.
> I am fed up with problems at AOL, and all the error messages and
> complaints
> received as a result. I plan a drastic solution. I propose to unsubscribe
> all AOL subscribers to the Cheshire Digest. All are welcome to
> re-subscribe.
> The aim is to lose those subscribers who are not keen to receive the
> Digest.
> Hopefully, it will result in a more reliable service for those who remain.
> Please note, this does not apply to subscribers to the List.
> To subscribe to the Cheshire List:
> send a one-word message - subscribe - to
> To subscribe to the Cheshire Digest:
> send a one-word message - subscribe - to
> To unsubscribe from the Cheshire List:
> send a one-word message - unsubscribe - to
> To unsubscribe from the Cheshire Digest:
> send a one-word message - unsubscribe - to
> If you have any difficulty with your subscription please contact LIST
> by email at:
> Apologies to subscribers for this long rant. A cynic would probably say
> that
> if you have read this far, you are probably not one who needs to heed the
> message, but do remember the two lessons above.
> Regards to all Listers.
> Carl Rogerson, Cheshire List Admin.
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