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From: "Elizabeth Atherton" <>
Subject: RE: [CHS] Recycling names?
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:52:47 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
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This re-using of names does help us trace our families - if I find a Ralph
Atherton, I know he's one of mine. One the other hand mine were watermen,
and tracing them in the Weaver Navigation Records I'm never completely sure
which particular Thomas or Henry I'm looking at when two or even three
generations were on the river at the same time. ... Elizabeth Atherton

Hi all,
May I say that just across the water into Lancashire [part of which is now
Cheshire - Rixton] my family had a trend of having same name children, my
born 1924 was named after his uncle kia WW1, I was named after my uncle who
Albeit my family lines still tend to use the same forename, right down to my
On one line from Rixton I had a John HANKINSON whom had a brother Joseph,
had 4 sons one called John & one called Joseph, as did Joseph who had 3 sons
now that gave me 3 John's & 3 Joseph's, but each of the 7 sons of these 2
brothers named their sons John & Joseph.
This created quite an headache sorting them out and I am not 100% sure now
15 years as to which father & son paired up considering the brothers John &
Joseph both had a son John & Joseph about the same age and both married
these two cousins 7 sons each named their sons John & Joseph giving me 7 of
name - all cousins and all born within 2 years of each other. One of my dad
aunt's had 3 daughters all named Eunice, one died at 3 year old so the next
was so named and when she was 12 and due to leave home her new born sister
so named giving 2 at home at the same time.
One thing though this line named its children Jack rather than John but
never got their given name, Charles was Chas or Charlie, others were called
their middle name. My grandmother didn't know her name was Charlotte until
needed her birth certificate to claim her pension, her marriage certificate
shows her as Rose, [daddy's Rose as in dad's petal etc etc], my 39 year
still gets called 'Girl' or 'Bonny' although I am now trying hard to call
her by
her given name :-|
I do not see this as strange, because my experience shows that it was most
common to name a child after a family member and if the name was so taken
it was given as a middle name and the middle name was then called.
I found it common also to use a mother or grandmothers maiden surname as a
middle Christian name, which was helpful in building the lineages.
Alan T...

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