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Subject: Re: [CHS] Stockport & Boundaries
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 21:11:35 +0100
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This Stockport problem is far from unique, especially in the North West.
Originally many of the County Boundaries followed Rivers.
Then along came the Cotton Industry and whole communities sprung up
on both sides of the River which supplied the power to the Mills.
If the town Hall happened to be one side of the river or the other
the whole "place" was designated by the county on which side it had been built.
Other examples are Ashton and Stalybridge, both built across the LAN
CHS border (as far as the community was concerned)

I have a particular interest in one cotton mill that was built on
both sides of the river through Stalybridge with a large connecting bridge.
I am highly amused that even in the late 1800's the map makers still
stuck rigidly to the old county boundaries
to the extent that each half of the mill was only shown
separately on each of the LAN and CHS maps, the "opposite" side of
the river being kept completely blank on the map.

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