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Hello Sue

I'm copying this answer to the list in case others want to know.

More often than not the Parish Clerk was a witness to a marriage. In my
one-place study of Northenden I have the Parish Clerk, John Lamb, witnessing
marriages for well over 30 years. In the 1841 Census his occupation is put
down as 'Shoe Maker' so it's probably that Parish Clerks often had another

Hope this helps

David Gilligan

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> This is not specific to Cheshire but I know someone on this mailing list
> will probably have an answer to my question, and maybe the answer will
> help someone else...
> Up to now the witnesses I have found on marriage certificates have been
> very useful in making family connections. However, recent research of
> marriage registers in the late 1800's revealed that one of the witnesses
> was present to sign the register for more than one marriage entry. Not a
> relative or even a close friend of the couple. The couple were married in
> a church and came from relatively large families so I was surprised that
> one of the witnesses wasn't someone directly related to them.
> Does anyone have any thoughts about what was going on here and what
> position in life that witness may have been e.g. other clergy?
> Cheers
> Sue Fryer
> Cumbria
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