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From: "Trena" <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] Blank messages ~ An Off Topic Subject
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 18:59:01 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CHS] Blank messages

>I had checked that the messages were in plain text.

The list would have received them in plain text, for they would have been
changed into that by the 'stripping'. They have been stripped, so arrive
blank. At least that is my understanding of it, by other listers on other
mailing lists.

> There has been a spate of blanks in the last week (3 today) so I don't
> think it is due to senders hitting the send button. Others would have got
> blanks too in that case and that is why I asked. I have only had one
> positive response to my enquiry.

I have received quite a few over the past week from the 35 or so Mailing
Lists I belong to. All messages to the list come to the each of us who are
subscribed, so we all would have received the same blank message if it had
been stripped of its' HTML/rich text by Rootsweb. Due to that, if you
should hit reply/reply all, it would show up as plain text.

There is always someone on one of the lists who doesn't understand what is
happening and asks the same question(s) you did. I gave the same answer
I've seen the Admins and/or resident computer expert give to the query.

They also advise ....

You can always go to the FQ&A's (or Help section) and look up
why there are blank messages on lists or check for any other problems you
seem to be experiencing with the lists themselves. Or you can contact the
Admin of the list in question. Again the e-mail address for the Admin can
be found via the Rootsweb Home Page, plus is often seen at the end of
messages to the list. That way perhaps you would get a positive answer from
the 'horse's mouth' and not be relying on the listers to try to answer your
questions. By doing so, you also prevent clogging up the archives with an
Off Topic Subject.

Cheerio ~ Toni

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