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I think I may have found them although I'll check the buildings to see if
there are any engraving etc.
If you head down Crewe Road into Shavington and go thru the Village, you
come to a Triangle that is now Crewe Road/Main Road Junction. Looking on the
map on Cheshire Record office site for 1910, this end of Crewe Road is
called Hen Lane, which was mentioned in both Census returns around the
Bournes Building.
The other factor maybe there is a Methodist Chapel next to this row of
house's and a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel just down the Road.
The are 5 blocks which looks like total of 12 houses.

Many Thanks
Pam and Paul Gray

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I've been looking again at my 1900-11 map of the area which I would
expect to show a group of cottages. There are none on Weston lane.
However, there are a group of cottages both sides of Crewe Road about
500 feet north of its junction with Weston Lane. These also show up
on Google Maps although the look to have new roofs.

Could this be Bournes Cottages?


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DAWSON (Manchester)
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On 5 Feb 2009, at 12:45, Paul Gray wrote:

> Charles
> Its great when a discussion starts on an area you know, like you, this
> one took my interest, having lived in the Gresty Road area of Crewe
> for my 40 odd years.
> Weston Lane runs from Shavington, top of the bank, locally knows as
> "Dodds Bank" think its real name is Mount Pleasant thru to Weston via
> Basford. There is also Weston Road which as you say is the other side
> of the Railway. This runs from Crewe station then down past Crewe Hall
> and out to the M6.
> If you look at the emumerators notes, Shavington-Cum-Gresty covers the
> Village of Shavington, parts of Newcastle Road, Rope Lane and Parts of
> Gresty Road/Lane going back into Crewe possibly up to "Mornflake"
> bridge and some other areas.
> I have looked on as they have one of these Birds
> eye view maps, but the stretch from Holly Mount to the Railway line
> seems to contain Bungalows, which may have replaced the original
> buildings.
> I'll have a look around the area, when the Snows cleared and let you
> know.
> Many Thanks
> Paul Gray
> Crewe

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