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Subject: Re: [CHS] Why is this being done
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 07:36:51 +1030
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I don't see those persons names Coming up Helping others as often as yours,
actually it's the first time I have see there names come up at all.

South Australia

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> Hi Alan, as a buyer you can't see what I see as a seller, and that is if
> someone is interested, in this case there is interest and it probably
> would have sold. It just occurred to me this afternoon that a list member
> would be interested and I wanted to offer free postage to such members. I
> wasn't bothered whether it sold or not, it would just go back on the
> shelf, I'm not a business seller.
> Vanessa
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> Hi All,
> I myself do not take it as advertising, if someone else had spotted this
> book on ebay and notified/informed the list of it then I am sure those
> interested in that area of research would be well pleased at being
> informed.
> Albeit it is not my area of research may I thank Vanessa for the
> announcement although she awaited close to the end of auction before
> letting
> the list members know of the book - and of course there had been no
> interest
> in it so was it a seller getting concerned!
> Alan T...
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> "Content submitted for the purpose of commercial use, advertising
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> Margaret

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