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From: Anthony Francis <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] VIGGORS
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 12:15:02 -0700
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Hi Judy,
Thank you very much for your reference to the 'NameThesaurus' website

I see that it offers a list of 'variants' of a surname in some kind
of declining "Match Score" order.
Presumably the name offered with the highest 'Match Score' is the
thought to be the most likely variant.
It also offers large numbers of Soundex and Metaphone 'matches' but
without any score.
Presumably you just take your pick from among the names at the top of
each list.
I put in VIGGERS and saw all the variants in each system, then I put
in VICKERS and compared the variants.
I saw that 'NameThesaurus' found no correlation between these two names
whereas Soundex and Metaphone had similar highly placed variants for
each name and put a low level match for the same or almost same name.
I am fascinated by these variant spellings of what I assume to be very
old names.
Some time ago I was searching for info about a Robert GEE and a kind
lady from New Zealand told me that it was related to the name YOUDS or
EUDES according to an IGI index, which I have failed to find.
So I tried using 'NameThesaurus' to compare GEE and YOUDS and EUDES
with interesting (to me) results.
'NameThesaurus' matched YOUDS with variants that began only with Y, as
also did Soundex and Metaphone.
Surprisingly, Soundex and Metaphone mentioned low-level matches with
Yates and Yeats. I have never heard of most of the matching names and
suppose them found in some other language of else simply made-up.
'NameThesaurus' matched EUDES with variants that began mostly with E,
some U and one O but not one Y.
Soundex matched it with EATTOCK and EDDIG and Metaphone with EDDOWS
among many others. I think these names are found along the Welsh border
I do not understand why 'NameThesaurus' does not match YOUDS with EUDES.
GEE found matches in 'NameThesaurus' mostly with names starting with G
and very few J; Soundex found matches only starting with G but
Metaphone suggested matches with names starting with DG, G, J, WJ and
YJ. I've no idea if they are real names in other languages or just
made-up. Fascinating!
But I still found no connections between GEE and YOUDS or EUDES as
claimed for an IGI index.
I don't really understand it fully.
Thanks again,
Tony in White Rock, BC

On May 9, 2009, at 6:57 AM, Joy wrote:
> Judy
> If you go to Surname Site at :
> You will find 73 variations of Viggors you could try.
> Regards
> Joy Light

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