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From: "Colin Harrison" <>
Subject: [CHS] A Great and Wicked Disturbance
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 10:02:48 -0600

Dear Listers,

I also do not know what might have caused the incident at the burial in
1770: However, a recent burial here ---all captured on film that
unfortunately I am not permitted to attach----may suggest a parallel

At the burial and in the middle of the minister's " We are gathered
here..." sermon, a jerk with a loud cell phone begins a very loud and
distracting conversation. A squirrel in a tree overhead is also disturbed
and shows his unhappiness by dropping a little mess on the jerk's suit. The
man looks up to see where it came from and the squirrel lands spread out
over the man's face. The man immediately jumps up, screaming and stumbles
about with the squirrel firmly attached to his face. Shortly the idiot
falls in the open grave and pulls the coffin with the body in on top of him

Best wishes,

Colin in southwest Utah

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