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Subject: Re: [CHS] Pemberton's Huff
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 15:29:29 +0000
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One thing that occurred to me was the possible significance of the
dates. Your blog refers to the land being allocated in the 17thc and
formalised in the 18th. Which makes me think "*which* king"?.

Land and privileges were often a reward for support of some kind -
put another way, the faction that was dominant at any one time would
be more likely to benefit from any handouts that were going (plus ca

Could it be (for example) that George snr supported the new monarchs
William & Mary, who got the throne around the time of their son's
birth? Or does the story refer to earlier events?


On 21 Mar 2010, at 08:48, Jackson Pemberton wrote:

> Several years ago an old scrapbook was found in a Pemberton home in
> the USA with many scraps of genealogical value. The oldest 4
> generations happen to be my ancestors also. The oldest scrap says
> this:
> --------------------------
> "My great great Grandfather, George Pemberton, lived in Cheshire
> County or parish England. His residence was known by the name of
> "Pemberton Huff," and received its name from some circumstance that
> took place between the king and himself, and the king ordered the
> following notice to be put up at the Pemberton's gate post:
> "While olives are green and commodities rough
> Here is the place for Pemberton's huff [hough?]."<--- [ ]'s are mine,
> this may have been a verbal history once.
> He married Sarah Middleton.
> His son, George Pemberton came from England to America and settled in
> Virginia in 1710, and married Elizabeth Brooks.
> George Pemberton who married Judea Brooks
> Isaiah " " " Dr. Hall's daughter of
> Va.
> THREE DAUGHTERS: -- one married Henry Loyd
> " " Charles
> Sneed
> " " Thomas
> Carney
> ------------------------------
> We have found a Sarah Middleton baptised in Nantwich in 1664 and a few
> George's in Chester and other places about the same time but nothing
> is fitting quite right so we are focusing on trying to locate the
> whereabouts of this Pemberton gate post and why the allusion to
> olives. If anyone has an idea it would be much appreciated. I am
> visiting Chester in April.
> If you are interested in the Pemberton research I am doing you can see
> it here:
> Best regards,
> Jackson D. Pemberton, b. 2 Jul 1937
> Son of Stanley A Pemberton, b. 1 Aug 1902
> Son of Addison J Pemberton, b. 27 Jul 1871
> Son of Henry C. Pemberton, b. 11 Jul 1849
> Son of Jesse Pemberton, b. 27 Feb 1814
> Son of Robert Pemberton, b. 20 Jan 1788
> Son of Isaiah Pemberton, b. 27 Dec 1756
> Son of Isaiah Pemberton, b. abt 1722
> Son of George Pemberton, b. abt 1690, Cheshire, England, died in
> Virginia before 1757
> Son of George Pemberton and Sarah Middleton, abt 1660, Cheshire,
> England
> -------------------------------
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