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From: "Andy Candlish" <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] 1911 census
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 15:55:51 +1100
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> Gram let the sub run out and they cant do a thing
> Gordon
> Bendigo

Not quite correct, if FMP or any other company do follow up on breaches of
Terms & Conditions it is more likely to be with a website owner, or person
responsible for the forum, for allowing such requests and responses. FMP
contacted a Rootsweb Listowner last year about another database.

>> Hi all
>> Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember that look-ups
>> for others re. the 1911 census are 'verboten' and one's subscription
>> may be cancelled, which also applies to look-ups for any other
>> details on FindMyPast census etc. So, my word of advice is be careful
>> otherwise you may find your subscription cancelled. I seem to recall
>> that FindMyPast made this pretty clear on their website. Hope I'm,
>> wrong, but don't think so.
>> Best regards
>> Graham
>> Melbourne
>> Oz

FMP's Terms and Conditions are very clear about lookups .

12.4 You agree not to use or allow the Services to be used for or by any
third party to access, or view any Records or download any material or
content of any Records, whether on a paid or gratis basis, or to perform
"lookups" of records on behalf of a third party.

I'm sure most organisations who release new databases, particularly those
that are exclusive, would monitor the various forums as to comments etc and
would easily notice if there was a misuse by subscribers. In the case of the
1911 census its either a separate subscription or an add on to a current
subscription so any misuse potentially costs them money. I suspect that any
website that was persistant in aiding breaches of Terms and Conditions could
face a damages claim.


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