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From: Joy Langdon <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] Re 1911 census
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 09:33:50 +0000 (GMT)
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When I had a subscription to Ancestry and couldn't find someone on the census I
did it the hard way and paged through the original images for the area I knew
they were likely to be.  I have only used pay as you go for the 1911 census and 
Scotland's People (both owned by Brightsolid) and it is so frustrating when you
know somebody is there but just can't find them using every variation of name
you can think of (not to mention expensive looking at the results only to find
they are not who you are looking for).  I sent back corrections for nearly
everyone I eventually found.  Names, places everything was garbled and in some
cases bizarre.  In one case they had a completely non-existent place as the
birthplace given by my 2xgt uncle in Cornwall.  They rejected my amendment until
I asked them for the map reference of the place they said it was.  Suddenly they
decided to accept the change!  Admittedly, the handwriting was dreadful but the
old gentleman was in his 80s and probably had only had limited schooling.

I was sent a questionnaire by and left them in no doubt of my
feelings about their organisation.  Their draconian policy really annoys me.  If
I have bought an expensive subscription and have found everything (or failed to
find it!) within a few months then I think I have every right to get the best
value from my expenditure by helping others if I so wish during the rest of the
subscription period.  Ancestry allows you to send images to others (up to a
certain number anyway) and still lets me know when people I have shared trees
with have made an update even though my subscription has ended.

As a British taxpayer I have already paid for censuses to be collected and I
know a lot of the computerisation of the Scottish data was done with EU money. 
The Irish government is in serious financial difficulties because of the banking
crisis but the Irish 1901 and 1911 census are completely free to search and


From: sue fryer <>
To: cheshire rootsweb <>
Sent: Tuesday, 2 November, 2010 8:28:25
Subject: [CHS] Re 1911 census

I don't want to start an Ancestry v FMP thread but ...
I am Ancestry subscriber and I have been happy for a few years. However, I am
tempted to move to FMP when subs run out for two reasons, both because they
perform better than Ancestry (for what I have needed so far)
1) they have 1911 census and during the World Cup football in June I made
excellent use of their 'free while England plays' access to 1911 and got many
many ancestors (sorry Peter).
2) when I have been unable to find an elusive ancestor on Ancestry it has been
due to their transcribing because I can see, but cant access, it on FMP. That is

when I call on the help of the kind people out there to help me out with
something I can't see myself on FMP.


From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Sent: Tue, 2 November, 2010 6:55:05
Subject: Re: [CHS] 1911 census

FMP is rubbish anyway. I subscribed on Saturday for 6 months just for the 1911
census and it is really a struggle to find people and sometimes I don't.
Ancestry is far superior and hope they include this census soon.


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