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From: "tegfan60" <>
Subject: [CHS] MIs St Bartholomew, Wilmslow -fiche
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 17:27:53 -0000
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No problem, Gill! I've always thought that was what happened when you put
something in a "safe place". And that things always turn up when the need
has passed. And that, when someone contacts you whose ancestry you possibly
share, you've lost the crucial bit of information or the reference you know
you have somewhere.

It may be old age in my case, but I prefer to think it's human nature!

Thank you anyway for your kind offer,


> Hi Sheila
> I?m sorry to let you down but when I came to get the fiche out I couldn?t
find them anywhere. I must have put them in a ?safe? place!
> My apologies for raising your hopes.
> Gill

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