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From: Cynthia Piech <>
Subject: [CHICAGO-POLISH] Re: Films from R.C. parish
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:56:02 -0700 (PDT)
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> Hello all, Last year I got the microfilm at the LDS
> church for ST. Mary's of Perpetual Help in
> Bridgeport.
> The marriage listings did not give the parish where
> the bride and groom were Baptized. I thought that
> was
> necessary before the banns could be announced.
> My question is: When the LDS church did the filming
> did they get all the pertinent documents for each
> year? In other words, could I possibly contact the
> church for anything else for those years?
> Thanks, Janice in North Florida
> Looking for: CZEKALA and PAWLAK
> Polish town: RUDA OSOWEICKA and (probably) HELENOWO


The type of information obtained by the church seems
to have been dictated by the format of the record book
the church was using at that particular time. The
format may have been different at another time if the
record book the church was using required that
information. While technically the church "requires"
that the parish where one is baptized be contacted to
verify this and to record in their own records that a
marriage has taken place, back in those days it just
wasn't realistic to do this, so it usually wasn't
done. A letter to Poland in those days could take
months to get there and months to get a reply. It is
very rare but occasionally you will find in the church
record of baptism in Poland the information about the
marriage (or death) of someone who went to America.

The church will not have any additional records for
this particular marriage. However, if other relatives
married in that church in a different year, you should
check those records in the event a different format
was used and the birthplace listed.


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