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Subject: CHILDRESS - Williamson Co, TN - Nashville TN - Records
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 01:55:20 EDT

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"In the name of God, I STEPHEN CHILDRESS of Williamson CO, and State of
TENNESSEE being sound mind and memory (blessed be God) do this 28th Day of
March in the year of our Lord 1821 make and publish this my last will and
testament in manner following that is to say:

First: I first give and bequeath to my beloved WIFE NANCY, six Negroes named
as follows: Daniel, Little Jacob, Peter, Jane, Hager and Charity to have and
to hold, etc.
and at her (WIFE) death to be equally divided amongst all my children, them
and their increase. I heretofore given some of my children property as

First, I gave my daughter ELIZABETH HULEN, two negroes with one thousand
dollars, and other property to amount of $ 250.00. My daughter SUSAN HULEN
has had property to the amount of $ 800.00. I have given my son WILLIAM G.
CHILDRESS one negro woman named Canary and other property amounting in all to
$ 750.00 and I have given my daughter POLLY BENTON property worth $ 125.00.

Second: My will and desire is that all my real and personal estate in
Williamson County, Tennessee be sold and the personal property at WAPPANOCHY
be sold at twelve months credit if my WIFE (Nancy) do not choose to go to
WAPPANOCHY to live that the executors procure a tract of land to the amount
of fifty acres for her during her life then to be divided. etc...etc...etc...

Except my daughter PATSY L. CHILDRESS which is cripple. I leave her $ 800.00
more than any other child and as touching that part of my estate which may
fall to my daughter SUSAN HULEN that my executors take charge of it and let
her have it as she may stand in need so that her husband Thomas HALEN shall
not have any use of it...etc....etc....

I have some debts due me one in Judgement against the EASONS, one against
William HANCY and one in the Natchez Court, also a quantity of goods on hand
which will be sold at twelve months credit. Should my executors conceive it
more advantageous for the land to be sold at one, two and tree years credit
they will do so and that they reserved as much money as will educate the
youngter children equal with the older ones.

Lastly, AND Lastly I nominate and appoint my son, WILLIAM G. CHILDRESS, Maj.
James McEUEN, and Mr. David CUMMING, esq. executors to this my last WILL and
Testament revoking all others. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and official seal this day and year above mentioned.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of M.B.COOPER, Abram MANCY,
William Eastice, Juet and Hinchey PETWAY, Juret.

State of Tennessee
County of TIPTON, March term 1829
Then was the within last WILL and Testament of STEPHEN CHILDRESS, dec'd
produced in open court and by the depositions of Hinchey PETWAY and William
EASTON proven to the satisfaction of the court and was ordered to be recorded.

Test. Andrew GREER, Clerk

The following information is from the book, "West Nashville, It's People and
Enviorns", 1987, Nashville TN (457 pages), Author: Sarah Foster KELLEY,
Nashville historian. (Note: If you are interested in this book, you can
probably get a copy on inter-library loan. My copy was loaned to me by a
cousin. Also parts of book can be seen in "Childers-Childress Clearinghouse"
P284-295, Summer, 2000, Editors: Dr. Bob & Jo Ann Childers,

From: "Clearinghouse" Page 284:

"Sarah Kelly wrote, When I wrote my book on West Nashville, I interviewed
over 300 people and most of them were elderly, in their eighties and
nineties. Someone remembered two spinster sisters named CHILDRESS who lived
on Alabama Avenue in West Nashville. Their aunt was supposedly Mrs. James K.
POLK, but no one could remember the sisters first names."

"A writer for the local newspaper in W. Nashville around 1900 was Fannie
Eoline (Adkinson) SELPH, born 1852 in Tate County, MS in the town of
Senitobia. She was sister of John and Stephen CHILDRESS ADKINSON, and the
daughter of Caldonia CHILDRESS ADKINSON, who was a first cousin of Sarah

"John L. ADKINSON was son of Jack ADKINSON, born 1810, died 1869, and wife
the former Caldonia CHILDRESS, born June 1, 1814 in TN, died March 4, 1875,
and they were married in Brownsville, TN 1835. Caldonia CHILDRESS Adkinson
was the daughter of Stephen CHILDRESS born 1775, and wife, the former Nancy
WALKER, born 1772. Stephen CHILDRESS was the son of John CHILDRESS, a
Revolutionary War soldier, born May 5, 1755, died after 1832, and wife, the
former Martha Calhoon. This John CHILDRESS was pensioned from Rutherford Co,
TN in 1832., etc, etc.. His father fell at Braddock's Defeat with George
Washington. Could this STEPHEN have been a brother of JOEL CHILDRESS, father


Reference the above data from the author, Sarah Foster KELLEY, she brings up
family information which she obtained from family papers, Bible records and
other sources. However, the WILL of STEPHEN CHILDRESS above would indicate
no daughter by the name of Caldonia CHILDRESS ADKINSON. Could this Caldonia
have been the daughter of STEPHEN's SON, also named STEPHEN?

The author also states that STEPHEN was son of JOHN CHILDRESS who received
bounty for his service in the ARW. According to the Surry Co, NC Orphans
Court in the year of 1789 two CHILDRESS's were involved with the 12 year old
child named JOEL CHILDRESS who was born 1777, his father was deceased. This
JOEL was father of Sarah CHILDRESS who married James Knox POLK in TN.
Stephen CHILDRESS was involved because he obviously wanted to have JOEL bound
over to him. The Orphans Court in Surry Co, NC bound Joel over to Abraham
CHILDRESS until the next court date. Note the year, 1789.. (.Further
research is being done for the conclusion of these Court records by Lee RAU.)
Is this STEPHEN the same STEPHEN that the author ask the question of,
"Could this Stephen have been a brother of Joel CHILDRESS, father of Sarah
CHILDRESS POLK?". We now know from researcher, Lee RAU, that JOEL CHILDRESS
was the son of deceased BENJAMIN CHILDRESS not JOHN CHILDRESS... Who was
this Benjamin? Who were Abraham and Stephen? Whose sons are they?


MaryJean Childress Voegtlin

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