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Childress Families in Colonial Virginia. Source: Family Tree Maker paid www
Married: 1794 Bedford Co, VA
Spouses:WIGGINGTON, Nancy

Thomas Childers
Birth: ABT 1675 Varina Par, Henrico County,
Virginia Death: ABT
Henrico County, Virginia
Spouse:1. Cannon, Mary
2. Cannon, Mary

John Childers
Birth: ABT 1710
Spouse: Unknown Royal
Death: Buckingham County, Virginia
Child:1.Childers, Benjamin Childrey - Birth: ABT 1740

Birth: ABT 1740
Death: 1775 Amherst County, Virginia
Children:1.CHILDRESS, Lucy - Birth: 15 May 1759
2.CHILDRESS, Abraham
3.CHILDRESS, John - Birth/Chris: 1758
4.CHILDRESS, Benjamin - Birth/Chris: 1764
5.CHILDRESS, Samuel - Birth/Chris: 1765
Royal Birth: 14 Mar 1773
Death: 12 Apr 1856 Adair Co, KY
Spouses:COWHERD, Elizabeth
Birth: 8 Jun 1781
Married: 16 Nov 1796 Bedford Co, VA

1.CHILDRESS,Mary Polly Birth: 1799
2.CHILDRESS,Nancy Birth:1800
3.CHILDRESS,William Birth: 1800
Washington Birth: 25 Dec 1814
Death:17 Oct 1853 Van, TEXAS
Married: 29 May 1839

1.CHILDRESS,Benjamin Franklin
Spouse: Mary Susan WEBSTER

1.CHILDRESS,Charles Wesley
Spouses:1 SMITH,Nancy Mae
Child:.SMITH, Gertrude Alice
Married: 15 Jul 1786 Amherst Co, VA
Spouse: James Coleman

Robert Childress
Birth: ABT 1765
Death: 1848 Davis Creek, Kanawha County, Virginia
1st Spouse:??Turley
Death: BEF 1810
Married:1799 Pittsylvania County, Virginia
1.Childress, Isabella -Birth:: ABT 1799
2.Childress, Emilia Birth: ABT 1802
Married: ABT 1809 Pittsylvania County, Virginia
2nd Spouse:Mary Tompkins
Birth: 1779
Married: ABT 1809 Pittsylvania County, Virginia
1.Childress, Henry - Birth: 1812
2.Childress, James - Birth: 1817
3.Childress, Lucinda - Birth: 1822
4.Childress, Rebecca - Birth: 30 Oct 1824

James Childress
Birth: 1817 Kanawha County, Virginia
Death: 1885 Kanawha County, West Virginia
Burial:Childress Mt. Cemetery, Kanawha County, West Virginia
1. Pauley, Sidney
Birth: 1824
Married: ABT 1840
01.Childress, Caroline - Birth: ABT 1841
02.Childress, Daniel - Birth: Jun 1843
03.Childress, Addison - Birth: 12 Oct 1844
04.Childress, Adeline - Birth: 1845
05.Childress, Manerva Adeline - Birth: ABT 1846
06.Childress, Cynthia Ann - Birth: ABT 1848
07.Childress, James - Birth ABT 1850
08.Childress, Zachariah - Birth: 5 Nov 1852
09.Childress, Robert Lee - Birth: Jan 1855
10.Childress, Polly - Birth: 1857
11.Childress, Janetta - Birth: ABT 1859
12.Childress, Issac - Birth: 1861
13.Childress, Florence Viola - Birth: 6 Feb 1865
2nd. Spouse:Parsons, Mary
Birth: 1832
Married: 1880
Death: 1906
Addison Childress
Birth: 12 Oct 1844
Spouse: Mary Louise Holstein
Birth: 15 Oct 1852
Married:14 Oct 1867
1.Childress, Charlotte Y-Birth: 1868
2.Childress, James E-Birth: 1870
Spouses:1.Lude,Emma-born: 1872
3.Childress, Samuel Ernest-Birth: 10 Oct 1870--Death: 1956
Spouses:1.Griffith, Olive born: 1869
4.Childress, Brian M Birth: 1877--Death: 1878
5.Childress, Sidney Birth: 1881--Death:1978
Spouse:Songer, Sherman S - born: 1873
6.Childress, Mamie Birth: 1881
7.Childress, Mitchell B Birth: 1884
8.Childress, Theodore Jackson Birth: 1888
Theodore Jackson Childress
Birth: 1888
Death: 1967
Served in WW I in France. Told of overseeing a prisoner of war camp at
White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County during WW II. (related by son Joe
Childress March 2,1999 Charleston Gazette.)
Spouse:Eva Maude-Birth:1897--Death:1973
1.Childress, John David
2.Childress, Barbara Jo
3.Childress, LIVING

Stephen Childress
Birth: 23 Jun 1765
Death: 3 Aug 1828
Spouse:Nancy Walker
Birth: 28 Oct 1772
Death: 23 Aug 1843
01.Childress,Sarah-Birth: 25 Dec 1804
02.Childress, Susan
03.Childress, Betsy
04.Childress, Pattie
05.Childress, Nous
06.Childress, Virginia
07.Childress, Caledonia
08.Childress, Martha
09.Childress, William
10.Childress, Joel
11.Childress, Tommie
12.ChildresS, Shelby
13.Childress, Franklin
14.Childress, Washington
15.Childress, Infant
16.Childress, Walker
============================================================== records
John T. B. Turner
Spouse:Jane Wright
CHILDREN:1.Angelina F. E. T. W. Turner
2.James W. J. N. S. K. Turner
1.Richard Childress
2.Mary "Mollie" Rachel Childress
Bibliography: Dodd, Jordan R, et. al. Early American Marriages: Ala to
1825. Bountiful,UT:Precision Indexing Publishers, 19xx.

Alabama Bibb County marriages befor 1825
Childress,John md Norid,Moriah on 12 Dec 1822 in Bibb County,Ala

Alabama Jefferson County
Childress,David md Graham,Mary 13 Jun 1819 in Jefferson Co,Ala
Childress,Levi md Montgomery,Susanna 03 May 1824 Jefferson Co,Ala

Alabama, Madison County
Childress,Jesse md Power,Elizabeth 13 Mar 1812 Madison Co, Ala
Childress,John Ledbetter,Edy 14 Dec 1812 Madison Co, Ala
Childress,John md Cain,Ruthy 21 Nov 1815 Madison County, Alabama
Childers,Rhody md Jackson,Jacob 21 Nov 1815 Madison Co, Alabama
Childress,Robert md Connally,Nancy 06 Jun 1817 Madison Co, Ala
Childress,David md Power,Huldy on 8 Mar 1818 in Madison Co, Ala
Childress,Jessee md Robinson,Flora 28 Mar 1818 Madison Co, Ala
Childress,Asa Townsend,Elizabeth 21 Jun 1818 Madison Co,Ala
Childers,Jesse md Mcclain,Elizabeth 23 Sep 1815 Madison Co, Ala

Alabama, Montgomery County
Childres,William md Murrow,Eliz 15 Jan 1823 Montgomery Co, Ala

Alabama Perry County
Childres,Hugh Watters,Susanna 05 Dec 1823 in Perry Co, Ala

Alabama Morgan County
Childers,Walter md Barnett,Ann 13 Sep 1821 in Morgan Co, Ala
Childers,William md Barnett,Ann md 13 Sep 1821 in Morgan Co, Ala
Childers,Robert C Bishop, Anjelico 25 Sep 1823 Morgan Co,Ala
Childers,Anderson Newman,Sarah A.20 Dec 1825 Morgan Co, Ala
History of Albemarle County in Virginia Chapter 7

HAMNER,Nancy, father,Nicholas (son of Robert)md CHILDRESS,Samuel
HAMNER,Nicholas, father, Robert, md TOMPKINS, Agnes,died 1794
HAMNER,Robert, father, Nicholas, died 1750
Notable Southern Families, Volumes I & II

Agnes Gaines, daughter of Captain James Gaines and Elizabeth Strother
Gaines was born in 1780 and died in 1816. She married in 1797, Joseph
Everett, a son of Benjamin and Ann Dennis Everett, of Delaware, and a
brother of her sister's husband, Benjamin Everett. After her death he
married her cousin Phoebe Childress, a daughter of David and Lucy Gaines
Childress. By his marriage to Phoebe Childress, Joseph Everett had five
children; (see record of Phoebe, third child of David and Lucy (Gaines)
Childress.) By his first marriage he had nine children:

Lucy Gaines md David Childress, uncle of Mrs. James Knox Polk.Lucy
Gaines,daughter of Captain James and Elizabeth Strother Gaines,md
David Childress. Their children were a) James
Childress; b) Elizabeth
Childress, c) Phoebe Childress.
Childress married Letitia Gaines and had 1)
Elizabeth Childress (who married Duke Gibson and had (1)
Olivia Gibson, who married David Kinkaid, (2) Josephine
Gibson,who md Charles Clark,a Canadian, (3) Jerry Gibson

2)Louise Childress married Jesse Childress,

3) Lucy Childress married Colonel John Talbert Keyes and had:
1) Mary Virginia Keyes (b. 1844); 2) Theona
B. Keyes (b. 1845) 3) Letitia C. Keyes
d.inf.) 4) Martha
E.Keyes, 5) George A.
Keyes, 6) John M.
Keyes, 7) Letitia Gaines

4)Behethland Childress (who died unmarried)

5)Matthew Moore Childress (married--and had
1.Letitia Gaines,
2.Tabitha 3.Matthew
4.Moore Childress, II.

6)George Childress (married Sarah Norton; no issue)

7)Letitia Dalton Childress (married David Waterman and had
(1) Olivia Waterman;
(2) William Waterman; (3) Ann
Waterman; (4) Letitia
Waterman (5) Samuel Gaines
8)Elizabeth Childress married William Nelms. Their children were
(1) David Wallace Nelms (who married Lavinia Clyce (2) John
Henry Nelms (who married Letitia V. Pendleton, children
were: (I) Myrtle Nelms
md Dr.Joseph Campbell had (A) Joseph Campbell,
Jr., (B) James Preston
Campbell (C) Allen B.
Campbell); (II) Kathleen Nelms md Dr.
Z. E. Dee; (III) Virginia
Nelms; (IV) Helen Nelms
(married Edward E. Tarr and had 1.Virginia
F.Tarr) (3) Joseph Monroe Nelms (who
married Helen Hoffman and had 1.Bruce Nelms and a

c) Phoebe Childress (married Joseph Everett (whose first wife was her Aunt
Agnes Gaines.) Their children by this marriage were: (1) Adeline
Everett (who married Andrew Gibson and had
1.Elizabeth Gibson md John Richardson),had
1.Joseph Perry Gibson md Susan Emmert), (2) Lucy Helen Everet md
Reverend J. Thomas Jordan and had: (I.) Alice Virginia Jordan
(d.y.), (II.) Gordan William Jordan md
firstly,cousin,Florence Patton (daughter of James Strother
Patton) had 1.Hugh K.
Jordan, 2.Hattie
Jordan 3.Perry Everett
Jordan. (ll)Gordon William Jordan md
2nd:Lelia Patton had 1.Elizabeth Jordan md ---
Jewell); (ll)Gordon William Jordan md 3rd: Virginia
French. (III) Phoebe Jordan (d.y.).
(IV) Everett Jordan
(d.y.) (V) Hugh Chapman Jordan md
Agnes Hatcher had 1.Meta Jordan and Helen
Everett Jordan); (VI) Oscar Perry Jordan md Nannie Wysor
Morehead had 1.Oscar Perry Jordan, Jr. (U. S.
N.) (VII) Andrew Henry Jordan md 1st Ella Darst
had 1.Harry Darst
Jordan, Andrew md 2nd Virginia
Whitman their children are 1.Virginia Elizabeth
Jordan 2.Margaret
Jordan. (VIII) David Childress Jordan
md Mamie Edmondson.Their
1.Helen Jordan,md George
Brandon, (IX) Thomas Lee Jordan
(unm.), (X.) Barbara Helen Jordan md Dr.
R. H. Wooling, (3)Joseph Perry Everett b.Jun 7,1820 md Jane
Ayer Smith, niece of Elizabeth(Ayer)McKinney,whose
son, 1.Charles James McKinney,md Mary Elizabeth
Taylor (d/o Francis Taylor and Frances
(Rogers)Gaines Their children
were: (I) Charles Smith
Everett md Julia King had 1.Lillian C.
Everett); (II) Joseph Dennis Everett
b.Jan.5,1840)md Caroline E. Southworth
ahad 1.Alice Couch
Everett (died aged 14); (III) John McKinney Everett md
Carrie Van Wagner had (A)William van Wagner Everett
md Mary Brown had a
daughter) (B) Eula
Everett md Clarence Wimpenny had 1.William
Baker Wimpenny (IV) Henry Childress Everett (d.
inf.), (V.) Sarah A.Everett md Dr.J.D.Bryan
children were 1.Perry
2.Arthur 3.Esther
Bryan VI) Thomas Andrew Everett
md Harriet Wait had 1.George Wait
Everett); (4) Virginia Everett who md Thomas
Perry (no issue), (5) Barbara Everett md Rev. Henry Procter
Waugh had I. R. Virginia Everett Waugh md(1879)John
M.Boyd had (A) Henry Everett Boyd (d.
1899) (B) Eula Lee Boyd md Frank P. Cogdal
has 1.Ruth Elizabeth
Cogdal (C) Elizabeth Boyd md Ralph
c) Behethland Childress md Joseph Powell

d) Reverend Edward Childress,

e) Henry Childress.

VII. Samuel Vance married in Ireland, Margaret
Children: 1
Samuel, b1784,md Elizabeth Brown (a descendant of King
Robert III). He d Clarkesville,Tenn, 1823. Their
children were

4.Elizabeth md Topp,
5.Margaret md Childress. 2
Robert, 3
John, 4 David
(of North Carolina), 5
James, 6
Elizabeth, 7
Sarah 8
Margaret 9 Abram md
Alice Gale Armstrong.

President James Knox Polk was born in North Carolina November 2, 1795. He
was the eldest son of Samuel Polk and Jane Knox Polk. When he was eleven
years of age, (1806), the family moved to what is now Maury County,Tenn. He
went, however, for his education to the University of North Carolina, where
he attained a remarkable record. He graduated there in 1818, was admitted
to the Bar in Tennessee in 1820, and was elected to Congress in 1825. In
1835 he was elected Speaker of the House and held this office for five
sessions. In 1839 he was elected Governor of Tennessee, which state he
served ably and successfully. In 1844 he was elected President of the
United States. He married Miss Sarah Childress, but left no children. He
died June 14, 1849, and is buried in Nashville. He left no children.

(b) James Inman Carter, Md Samuella Childress. James Inman and
Samuella Childress Carter have five children, namely: 1.John
Garnett md Freid Utermoehlen--no children 2.Mary Lane md
Richard Stites--one child, 1.Richard Jr
Paul, 3.unmarried Lucile md
James Glascock has
2.Lou Glascock 3.Dorris
Inman md Edward Young Chapin,Jr

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