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Subject: Re: [Childress Research] Cherokee Indian Heritage
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:21:22 -0500
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Of all the surnames you listed in your last post re: John and Robert
Childress, the only surname of the wives, that I found, on the Indian
rolls was that of PRYOR. Conyers could have been an American Indian,
but the name was not listed. Most of the Childress/Childers listed on
the rolls is CHILDERS. The CHILDRESS surname does not appear as
frequently as does the CHILDERS surname.
So in answer to your question, "Where does the Cherokee come in",
Based on what I found, I would say the it would be through the PRYORS,
and remotely possible through the CONYERS. Someone on the list might
have more or different information and therefore form another opinion.
I listed below all the JOHN and ROBERT CHILDRESS/CHILDERS that I found
on the Drennen and Dawes Indian rolls. I did not look at the Miller
Guion Indian roll, the Chapman roll, nor the Siler roll. The Dawes roll
in the final roll and takes in all the other rolls of most of the Native
I hope this helps,
Dawes Final Rolls , Page 218
Cherokees by Blood

1 3301 259 Childers,John 68M 1/2 1200 Cherokees by Blood
1 4595 238 Childers,John 69M 1490 Chickasaw Freedmen
1 2663 255 Childers,John C. 1M 1/32 983 Cherokees by Blood
1 12267 313 Childers,John C. 45M 1/4 5113 Cherokees by Blood
1 16 438 Childres,John Howard 1M 1/16 17 Minor Cherokees by Blood

(Source: Emmet Starr, Grant 1-1-3-8-4-1.) was born Abt. 1832. She md (1)
WILLIAM R THORNTON (Source: Emmet Starr, Gosaduisga 1-1-5-1.), son of
JOHN THORNTON and PINKIE BLAGG. He was born Abt. 1830. She married (2)
ALEXANDER ROSS (Source: Emmet Starr, E Starr, 327, 377.). He was born
Abt. 1830. She married (3) JOHN CHILDRESS (Source: Emmet Starr, Sanders
1-3-1-1.), son of ISAAC CHILDRESS and AGNES SANDERS. He was born Abt.
1842. On the 1851 Drennan roll: Flint, #551

Dawes Commission Index, 1896
Control Number: NRFF-75-53A-3626
Unit of Description: Item
Record Group Number: 75
Series ID: 53A
Item ID: 3626
Title: Enrollment for John Childers
Scope and Content: Tribe: Cherokee
Type: Parent
Sex: Male
Census Card Number: D215
Personal Name Reference: John Childers



1 1879 507 Childers,Robert 10M 7/8 266Creeks by Blood
1 607 506 Childers,Robert 23M Full 171Creeks by Blood
1 4767 239 Childers,Robert 26M 1508Chickasaw Freedmen
1 3595 261 Childers,Robert 40M 1/8 1307Cherokees by Blood
1 2006 514 Childers,Robert Jr. 9M 1/2 616Creeks by Blood
1 3599 261 Childers,Robert R. 1M 1-/6 1307Cherokees by Blood

1. Mitchell Sanders was born about 1751 in of Virginia, USA. He died
after 1828. Mitchell was an Englishman from Virginia and his wife, Susie
was a full blood Cherokee of the Bird Clan.Information from W.N. Guest:
Susannah was his second wife. Mitchell married Susannah Springfrog.
Susannah was born about 1749 in Talking Rock, Coosawatte Dist., Cherokee
Nation. She died after 1820."Of the Bird Clan".Susannah was a full blood
Cherokee of the Bird Clan. Susan Sanders signed up for volunteer removal
from Cedar Creek,Georgia on 22 Dec 1829.
Second Generation

4.John Sanders (Mitchell ) was born 1782 in , , Georgia.
John married Dorcas Smith. Dorcas was born 1782.
They had the following children:

1.Agnes Sanders
Agnes married ISAAC CHILDERS
AGNES3 SANDERS (JOHN2, MITCHELL1) (Source: Emmet Starr, Sanders 1-3-1.)
was born c 1810. She married (1) ISAAC CHILDRESS (Source: Emmet Starr, E
Starr, 374.). He was born c 1800. She married (2) _____ CREESON. He was
born c 1800.
AGNES SANDERS: on 1851 Drennan roll: Flint, 551 as Akey Creeson. ISAAC
CHILDRESS:on 1835 Census roll: Chestooa Creek, McMinn Co, TN

1.JOHN4 CHILDRESS (Source: Emmet Starr, Sanders 1-3-1-1.), b. c 1842; m.
(1) MINERVA JANE FOREMAN II (Source: Emmet Starr, Grant 1-1-3-8-4-1.);
b. c 1832; m. (2) NANNIE
SWIMMER (Source: Emmet Starr, E Starr, 377.); b. c 1840.
JOHN CHILDRESS:on 1851 Drennan roll: Flint, 551
1860 YELL CO, ARK. CENSUS. The CREEK NATION. The following
names are found ath the end of the 1860 Yell Co, Ark Census
White living in Indiam Territory in 1860

Dawes Final Roll
Creeks by Blood

1 962 508 Childers,John 15M Full 291
1 3301 259 Childers,John 68M 1/2 120

1 879 507 Childers,Robert 10M 7/8 266
1 607 506 Childers,Robert 23M Full 171
Dawes Final Roll
Chickasaw Freedmen

1 3595 261 Childers,Robert 40M 1/8 1307
JOHN MILTON CHILDERS and NANCY CONYERS were married in 1839 in Mo.
Dawes Final Roll
Choctaw Freedmen
1 3190 143 Pryor,Ella 11F 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3186 143 Pryor,Elsie 41F 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3189 143 Pryor,Georgia 14F 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3193 143 Pryor,Herman Garfield 4M 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3191 143 Pryor,Johnny 9F 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3188 143 Pryor,Leanna 15F 586 Choctaw Freedmen
1 3192 143 Pryor,Louis 7M 586 Choctaw Freedmen

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