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From: "Davis, Kim" <>
Subject: [CHOCTAW-SE] List from NARA
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 07:36:41 -0600

In researching one of my family names (Lucinda Williams) at NARA, I got the
following list from the Subcommittee of the Committee on Indian Affairs, US
Senate pursuant to S. Res. 79 (70th Congress). Box/Folder list for Senate
subcommittee on Indian Affairs subject files, Boxes 80-119, 1928-1953.
If any of this appeals to you, I would think you should be able to write in
with the Box number and folder number for a copy.
I know some of you are interested in the schools - some are listed below.

Box 98
1. Oklahoma: General
2. Attorneys- Oklahoma-Claims for Fees
3. Oklahoma Credit Associations
4. Court of Claims, Oklahoma
5. Delaware County Indian Reservation, Oklahoma
6. Indians in Oklahoma
7. Oklahoma Indian Population
8. Education, Oklahoma General
9. Oklahoma Investigations, 1935
10. Oklahoma Investigations, Campaign 1938
11. Oklahoma Campaign, 1938
12. Notes, Investigations, 1938 trip, Oklahoma et al.
Box 99
1. Oklahoma Investigations, 1939
2. " "
3. " "
4. " "
5. Probate Attys.-OK, Investigations 1939 No. 1
6. Probate Attorneys-OK Investigations, No. 5, 1939
7. " " No. 2
8. " " No. 3
9. 1942 Oklahoma Hearings 1942, Investigations
10. 1946 Investigations

Box 100
1. Itinerary (Oklahoma General) (2/3-2/25, 1930)
2. Mailing List, Oklahoma
3. Removal Field Clerks Office, Tulsa to Sapulpa
4. List of Oklahoma Indians
5. Oklahoma Maps
6. Newspaper Clippings & Magazines, Oklahoma General
7. Oil and Gas Producing Areas-Maps, OK, General
8. Requests for Dates of Hearings (OK)
9. Pictures, Schools
10. Oklahoma Indian Schools, General
11. Oklahoma Trust and Restriction Bill
12. University of Oklahoma, General
13. Senator Thomas, (Election 1938)
14. Thomas-Rogers Act (Oklahoma Indians Welfare Act) 1937-40
15. Oklahoma Bill Statements Re: S 2047
16. Oklahoma Welfare Bill
17. S 2047 Oklahoma Wld. Act

Box 101
1. Cherokees-Eastern and Western Bands, Cherokee/Oklahoma Boundimot
2. Eastern Band of Cherokees, Ala. Tenn., Cherokee NC TX OK GA, J. M. Taylor
3. Cherokee Freedmen Association
4. Grand River Project-Oklahoma
5. Cherokee Resolutions-Keetoowah, Oklahoma
6. John Mannon, Cherokee, OK
7. Cherokee Nighthawks, OK
8. Cherokee Resolutions
9. Pushmataha
10. Sanders, Susan, Cherokee, OK
11. Sequoyah
12. Take, William & Louisa, Cherokee, OK
13. John M. Taylor, Attorney, Oklahoma Cherokee
14. Williams, Della (Sykes), Cherokee, OK
15. Nancy M. Williams, Eastern or Emigrant
16. Mrs. J. Andre Wood, Cherokee, OK

Box 102
1. Cherokees, Oklahoma, (Old File) (John M. Taylor)
2. Cherokees, Application for Enrollment
3. Mrs. Josephine Cannefax, Cherokee, OK
4. Easy, Wm. J., Estate Cherokee OK
5. Cherokees-Eastern and Western, Claims before the Indian Claims Commission
6. Eastern Band of Cherokees, #1 Part 2
7. Eastern Band of Cherokees, Old File, Cherokee-OK

Box 103
1. Cheyenne and Arapahoe (Ft. Reno)
2. Cheyenne and Arapahoe, Concho Agency (OK)
3. Seger- Indian School, Concho, OK # 59
4. Cheyenne-Arapahoe Tribal Delegation*Jurisdictional Bill (OK)
5. Choctaw-Chickasaw Tribes (OK) general
6. J. E. Arnold, Choctaw Chickasaw OK
7. Baker, Milnie Colbert now, Choctaw, OK
8. Bowden, Anna (Williams), Choctaw OK
9. Choctaw-Chic- Coal Hearings (1942) (also S 1542)
10. Coal and Asphalt Deposits, Choctaw-Chickasaw, OK

Box 104
1. Colbert, Walter
2. Choctaw-Chickasaw [W. W. Short and Mrs. Myrtle Creason]
3. Choctaw Council Home Committee
4. Dowden, E. et al. V. US, Choctaw-Chickasaw, Tuttle Townsite, OK
5. Durant (Hearing at) Choc-Chickasaw
6. Durant, W. A. (Chief)
7. Enrollment, Choctaw-Chickasaw, Holder Heirs
8. Ickes V. Ledbetter, Stetch Estate (Choctaw)
9. Idabel
10. Jackson, Semean, Choctaw OK
11. Winding Up Tribal Affairs, Choctaw, Indians, OK, Jurisdictional and
12. Keel, William and Ada, Chickasaw, Stratford, OK
13. Leased District, Choctaw-Chickasaw, OK
14. Choctaw-loss of lands through taxation/ lands exempt for 21 yrs.

Box 105
1. Mallory, A. O. Choctaw-Chickasaw, OK
2. Choctaw-Chickasaw Maps
3. Choctaw-Chickasaw, Mc Murray, J. F.
4. Willie G. Samuel
5. Schools, Bloomfield School (OK) Choctaw-Chickasaw
6. Goddland Schools and School Dist, # 13 (Choctaw) OK
7. Tahlina School, Choctaw-Chickasaw, OK
8. Ludcie Stechi, OK Choctaw
9. Tribal Attorneys-Choctaw-Chickasaw, Reports of etc. OK
10. Alexander, Lena Yahola now, Creek OK
11. Alexander, Mr. Sealey OK, Creek, McMillan ,need of guardian
12. Creek Nation, Lete Kohlvin, Lete Fields, Allotments
13. Creek Indians-Withholding from allotment certain lands
14. Anderson, Hanna Creek-OK,
15. Hanna Anderson Daniels and Mose Daniels (Trust agreement)
16. Wiley Baker (OK) Jarrett Motor Co., Creek
17. Jarett Motor Co., Samochee Barnett (OK) Report Inspector Blair, Creek
18. Bear, Taylor, Creek OK
19. Bigpond, Louis et al, Creek, OK
20. Bird, Selena Long now, Creek, OK
21. Minnie Tiger Now Bond, Creek, OK
22. Burgess, (Sarte) Suma, Creek , OK
23. Butler, Susanna Dacon now, Creek, OK
24. Creek, Claims-Cases (E.J. Van Court)
25. Creeks (Claims of Layal Creeks)
26. Creek-Claims for enrollment, Mary Escos, et al
27. Creek Indians, Claims of
28. Creek Council-Nation, Tribal Town, OK

Box 106
1. Davis, Mollie Jones, Creek, OK
2. Martha Jackson Now Davis, Creek-Muskogee, (OK)
3. Dunsun, Hettie, OK Creek
4. Ellen Deer, Barney Mc Bride, Guardian, OK, Creek
5. Deer, Woosie, Creek
6. Punskee Field, OK Creek
7. Fife, Exie, Creek OK
8. Fish, Freeda Harjo now, Creek OK
9. Fixico, Ben, Creek OK
10. Fixico, Hully, Creek OK
11. Fixico, Katie, Creek, OK
12. Foster, Abe , Estate (N. A. Fields)
13. Bunny Harjo, (OK) Creek
14. John Harjo, McMillan (OK) Anderson, Creek
15. Harjo, Wilson, Creek OK
16. Lessey Yarhola now Hawkins, Trust Agreements, OK-Creek
17. Hully, Kogle, Creek, OK
18. Jacobs, Ella Jones now, Creek - Okla,
19. Jarrett Motor Co., Creek, OK
20. King, Louina Walker now, Creek, OK
21. Little, Hepsey King now, Creek OK
22. Thomas Long Hickey or Anderson (OK) Creek
23. Mc Nac, Joseph, Creek, OK
24. Naharkey, Millie, Creek OK
25. Creek National Council
26. Co Nei Sen Ney, Creek, OK
27. Okmulgee, Creek, OK
28. Pittman, Lucinda, OK, Creek
29. Poloke, Lucy, Creek, OK

Box 107
1. Randall, Roman/ Creek, OK
2. Sahta quanney/ Young (OK Creek)
3. Sawyer, Samuel/Creek, OK
4. Scott, Adam & Jenny Kelly, Creek, OK
5. Starr, Walter, Creek, OK
6. Trust Bill, Creek Indians
7. Thompson, Thomas, Creek, Okla,
8. Tiger, Miller, Creek, OK
9. Tiger, Stanwaite, Creek, OK
10. Van Court, E. J., Creek, OK
11. E. J. Van Court (Creek Attorney)
12. Wacoche, Benjamin, Creek, OK
13. Watson, Hannah Tyler Roberts (now) Creek, OK
14. Wilson, Enus, Inc., Creek, OK
15. Wolf, Isla, Creek OK
16. Yarhola, Clarence, Creek, Olka.
17. Five Civilized Tribes, General, OK
18. Hospitals, Claremont Hospital, Muskogee, OK, S 1833
19. Compilation Indian Laws, Five Civilized Tribes

Box 108
1. Five Civilized Tribes, Extension of Restrictions, HR 8750
2. Five Civilized Tribes-Friedman
3. Freeman & Springer, F.C.T., OK
4. Grand Council, Five Civilized Tribes
5. H. G. House, OK
6. Fox, Refund of Income Tax, F.C.T., OK
7. Refund of Income Tax, Five Civilized Tribes
8. Refund of Income Tax
9. Refund on Income Tax Reports, F.C.T., OK

Box 109
1. Adrian Landman, Supt., Five Civilized Tribes
2. Liberty Bonds, Donations, Etc., F.C.T.
3. Life Insurance (F.C.T.) (OK)
4. Muskogee, F.C.T.
5. "National Blunder" M. L. Mott, Five Civilized Tribes
6. Notes, Field, OK
7. Five Civilized Tribes, Oil and Gas Leases
8. Probate Attorneys and Probate Matters General, Susan Butler V Archerd,
9. Probate, Field Clerks, Reports of, Etc.? (OK) F.C.T.
10. Report of Indian Commissioner Re: F.C.T.

Box 110
1. Chilocco Indian School
2. Carter Seminary, Ardmore OK
3. Emahaka School
4. Euchee Boarding School, Sapulpa, OK
5. Eufaula Boarding School, Eufaula, Oklahoma
6. Goodland Indian Orphanage
7. Jones Male Academy, Choctaw-Chickasaw, OK
8. Oklahoma Presbyterian College, Durant, OK
9. List of Oklahoma Indian School Children
10. Five Civilized Tribes, Nuyaka Academy, Okmulgee, OK
11. Sequoyah Orphan Training School, F.C.T., OK
12. Wheelock Academy, Milleron OK
13. Titles, Validating- Five Civilized Tribes
14. Five Civilized Tribes, Trust Bill, Mollie Davis
15. Kiowa-Apache-Comanche (OK)
16. Kiowa Agency, Anadarka, OK
17. Attocknie, Albert
18. Allie M. Brennan, Kiowa, OK

Box 111
1. Dussome, J. Carl Reid, Kiowa, Annadarko Agency, OK
2. Gertrude Dalton, Kiowa Agency, OK
3. S 2086 (Hr 6133), Ft. Indian School
4. Kiowa Agency, Fort Still Boarding School & Hospital, OK
5. Goombi, Robert
6. Nora G. Hazlett, Kiowa Agency
7. Irrigation-Lawton, Anadarko, OK
8. Lawton, OK Kiowa, OK
9. Medicine Park, OK
10. Kiowa, Comanche & Apache (Red River Royalties)
11. Red River Royalty (Anadarko), Kiowa, Comanche, OK
12. Kiowa Reservation, Apache Tribe, OK
13. Kiowa Reservation, Comanche Tribe, OK
14. Kiowa Reservation, Kiowa Tribe, OK
15. Kiowa Reservation, Caddo Tribe, OK
16. Kiowa Reservation, Delaware Tribe, OK
17. Kiowa Reservation, Wichita Tribe, OK
18. Kiowa Agency, Anadarko (Riverside) Boarding School, Kiowa/Coman
19. Edward Sautaukoy, (Toy-Koy-Todle), Ella Sautaukoy(Dome-Taddle) Mable
Sautaukoy (Kiowa, OK)
20. Kiowa, Comanche and Apache (Schools)

Box No.112
1. Oklahoma/ Osage, General
2. Osage Booklets-Miscellaneous, Hearings, Bills, Etc.
3. Osage Appropriations Bill, (1943) 1944
4. Osage Appropriations 1945
5. Osage 1946
6. Osage 1947
7. Madeline Bigheart, Topeka, KS, Osage
8. Jas. G. Blaine Jr., restricted Osage (Kathryn Van Leuven, Atty.)

Box 113
1. Osage Civilization Fund
2. Paul Red Eagle- Ingram V. Red Eagle, RE; Repudiation of Tatro Statement,
3. Osage, G. B. Fulton, Atty.
4. Corine A. Girard, OK Osage
5. Margaret Goode, OK Osage
6. Fall Chief and Rose Haragara
7. Hulah Dam, OK
8. Osage Indians- Income in excess of 100,000
9. Osage, Inserts for the Record
10. Necia Kenny, Osage, OK

Box 114
1. Labado, George V.
2. Arthur H. Lamb, OK, Osage
3. T. J. Leahy, (OK) Osage
4. Mills, Richard D.
5. Joseph D. Mitchell
6. North Burbank Oil Field-Relocation of Osaye Royalty
7. Osage Oil and Gas Leases

Box 115
1. Osage #1 (Old File), OK
2. John F.Palmer, Osage, OK
3. Pawhuska, #2, OK Osage
4. Pawhuska, #3, OK Osage
5. Red Corn Children, Osage Indians OK
6. Hearing Re Revoking Competency Certificate, Osage, OK
7. Olamae Simpkins case
8. Osage, Tribal Govt. etc.
9. Jennie D, Wilson, Osage

Box 116
1. Pawnee Agency, OK
2. Iowa Tribe of Indians Shawnee Agency, Pawnee Agency, OK
3. Pawnee Agency, Kaw Tribe, Kaw Tribe V. US , OK
4. Pawnee, City of, Condemnation of Indian Lands, OK
5. Adelaide Long Chase, OK Ponca
6. Chilicco Indian School, Ponca, OK
7. Delaware Tribe, Ponca Agency
8. Delaware Indians V. US
9. Ottoe and Missouri Tribes, Ponca, OK
10. Pottawatomies, (Citizen) OK, Shawnee Jurisdiction
11. Pottawatomie- Salt Creek Drainage Dist. (Lloyd La Motte)
Box 117
1. Accounts against restricted Quapaws-Miami Oklahoma
2. Arthur Buffalo, (Quapaw Indian) (Miami, Oklahoma)
3. Ruth B. Deehannas, OK Quapaw
4. Anna Beaver Hallman, (OK) Quapaw
5. Goodeagle, Hogomme, Estate (Quapaw), (OK)
6. Hearings Re: Quapaw Mine Lease
7. La Motte, Lloyd (Miami) Quapaw-OK
8. Quapaw Agency, Miami, OK
9. Mining and Leasing Operations, (OK) Quapaw Agency
10. Mosman, Rogers & Buzard, Attorneys re; Quapaw

Box 118
1. Samuel Alexander Perry, Quapaw, OK
2. Quapaw,(Claim of Judge Rice)
3. Seneca Indian School, Miami (Wyandotte), Quapaw, OK
4. Clara Showalter, et al. vs. Skelton Lead and Zinc Co. re cutover
5. Showalter, et al. vs, Eagle Picher, Lead Company, Quapaw, OK
6. Clara Showalter and Other Heirs of Mary J. Calf vs. Skelton Lead & Zinc
(Quapaw, OK)
7. Clarissa Valliere Showalter vs. New Chicago Mine Corp.
8. Mary Angle Supernaw and Maude Thompson Williams (Income Tax Refund) OK

Box 119
1. Seminole Nation/Seminole General, OK
2. Amos, (Seminole)(OK)
3. Seminoles, Attorneys Representing (OK)
4. Lucile Wood Brunner, (Seminole) Duplicate
5. Wisey Bowlegs Now Breuner, (OK) Seminole
6. Burden, Lincoln, Seminole, OK
7. Burgess, John, Konawa, OK /Seminole
8. Burgess, Jeanetta Tiger now , Seminole, OK
9. Joe Camp and Willie Taylor
10. Seminole Cases in County Court, (OK)
11. Seminole Claims Against the US Boudinot-Latham, Attorneys
12. Appointment of Chief, Seminole
13. Rosanna Davis, (OK) Seminole
14. Emahaka School, Cancellation of deed. to- Seminole

See Also Series Description for these records, NWL-46-SIA
Subject Ref. American West; West (U.S.); Indians of North America
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