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Subject: [CHOCTAW-SE] Jones
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There is no Impson Jones, Robin Jones, Noel Jones or Edmond Jones listed
There are 2 Robert Jones listed and 3 Sam/Samuel Jones listed and 1
Solomon Jones.
Page 354
Jones, Robert-Choctaw, lived next to the late Samuel Jones Sr., on the
Tombigbee River in Moshulatubbe's District, in 1831, his household
consisting of two persons, one a male over 16.

Jones, Robert McDonald- Choctaw, was born October 1, 1808. He was
described as "a halfbreed Creek" by one writer )1). Another writer noted
that Jones "stands alone, and is not connected with the other families"
(2). He was listed as a Choctaw while attending the Choctaw Academy in
1829-1830 (3). In 1831, he lived in LeFlore's District, probably in the
Yazoo valley. His household then consisted of one person, a male over
16. He was allowed 960 acres by the 1830 treaty, and became a partner in
the trading firm of Berthelet, Heald & Company of Doaksville (4). In
1838 he lived on Blue River (5). He eventually amassed great wealth,
including five plantations, one of 4000 acres. He first lived at
Skullyville, then moved from there to Boggy Depot. From there he went to
Lake West on Red River, and finally to Rose Hill near Doaksville (6). In
1847 he and his wife, Susan, owned 145 slaves, 60 horses, 700 cattle,
175 sheep, 400 hogs, and 6 wagons. He raised 1200 bushels of wheat, 250
bales of cotton, 700 bushels of potatoes, 1000 bushels of oats, and 7400
bushels of corn that year. He signed the 1854 and 1861 treaties and died
at Rose Hill on February 22, 1873. His first wife was Judith Walker,
whom he married January 6, 1831. He married Susan (Colbert) McLish,
daughter of Chickasaw chief George Colbert, on November 8, 1838. She
died in 1860 at the age of 50. In 1861 he married Elizabeth Earls. He
was the father of Robert Fulton (1832), Hiram (1834), Ellen (1836),
George W. (1840-1845), Frances (1842), Mary Elizabeth (1861; married
George G. Randell), Robert Jefferson (1863), Henry Earls (1864-1864),
James McDonald (1866-1866), and Franklin (1867-1867) (7).
(1) 1OU Draper. Choctaw Application for Enrollment Case 5757
Page 355
notes that George Durant's mother was Martha James of Blue
County, who
was related to Robert Jones. Martha was a cousin to Bacey
(born 1828).
(2) Reid letter, 1854, Box 12, Indian Correspondence, OHS.
(3) Kidwell, 226; "Choctaw Academy", 472.
(5) Ibid., 47.
(6) NATCHEZ TRACE TRAVELER, 11:48-49. The 1847 Chickasaw
census shows Susan Jones as a quarter white, head of a
that consisted of one male under 18, one female under 16, and
one female
over 16.

Jones, Sam- Creek/Seminole, was born in the Creek Nation in 1756. Also
called Arpiuka, he signed the Seminole treaty of 1832 and was chief of
the few Seminoles who remained in Florida after 1842. He died in 1864.
Married at one time to Polly Kean (who later married Billy Oliver), he
was the father of Hillis Harjo (1).
(1) Foreman, THE FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES, 274. T.S. Woodward wrote
that one Sam Jones was killed by James Cornell about 1816
Reminiscences, 97).

Jones, Samuel Sr.- Choctaw, died in 1830-1831. His home, located two
miles from the trading house in Moshulatubbe's Distribt, was occupied by
his son in 1831. He left four slaves as well. Allowed 480 acres by the
1830 treaty, he was granted a reserve of the SE1/4 SW1/4, and NW1/4
S19 T20 R1W in Alabama (1), which was sold by June, 1838 (2).
(1) Choctaw Reserves, OIA, roll 189, frame 103.
(2) Ibid., roll 190, frame 140.

Jones, Samuel Jr.- Choctaw, lived on Oxnoxeby, northwest of the agency,
in Moshulatubbe's District in 1831, his household consisting of six
persons, including one male over 16 and three children under 16.

Jones, Solomon- Choctaw mixedblood, lived next to Capt. Nathaniel Jones
in LeFlore's District (probably on the waters of Pearl River) in 1831.
His family then consisted of six persons, one a male over 16 and four
children under 16.

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