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From: "Dusty" <>
Subject: [CHOCTAW-SE] La. inheritance laws
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 12:05:15 -0600
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As the law stands today, you cannot disinherit anyone who is certified
mentally incompetant (ie, brain-damaged, etc) or under the age of 23 or 24
(not sure about the exact age). I don't know about provisions under the old
law to disinherit delinquent kids, but I doubt that there was such. If a
parent had to move out of the state in order to prevent their kids from
inheriting their estate, the parent obviously thinks the kid is "bad".
Stands to reason under the old law that provision would be made, such as a
trust fund, to provide for a mentally-incompetant child through an


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> One of our friends placed their "delinquent" child's money in a Trust (max
age 25) hopes the child would grow out of it

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