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This is all very interesting. I have 5 Browns in my line. Sarah Brown was married to my gr Uncle Fielding McNabb. They filed under the Dawes' Commission under different applications which tells me that Sarah filed under her own family. In other words they were both of Choctaw descent. Perhaps there is a connection. The names are:Fielden Brown, MCR# 6557,application# 427; Leander M. Brown, MCR# 6551, application# 451; Mary E. Brown, MCR# 6851, application# 468; Sarah (McKnubb) Brown should be McKnabb, MCR# 6561,application#1440, 1444; Thomas L. Brown, MCR# 6850, application#473, 475. I have many traders' surnames in my line: Barnes, Woodward, Hall, etc.


Good morning!

There was a Samuel Brown in Savanah, Georgia about 1740-1750 that was an Indian Trader. I do know that most of these people married a Native American in order to gain better trading favors with their people. Does anyone on this list have any knowledge of this Samuel Brown?

There were two Samuel Brown's in this area and one was the son of Samuel Brown Sr. I believe the Samuel Brown Jr was the Indian Trader.

Thank you

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