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HOTEMA, Solomon E., Choctaw, b. 1854 Grant, Choctaw Nation
wife: Nancy Coleman, daughter of John Coleman (choctaw)
children: 3 only one living: Cornelia
HAYNES, Dr. W. F., b. Sept 1848 Salem Co., MO
father: W. Haynes
wife: Hattie Garner daughter of J. D. Garner
brother in law: George Garner
HENRY, Amos, Choctaw, b. 1848 San Bois Co.
father: Artembe
wives: (1) no issue
(2) Lucy Oks-ak-nibe
children: Wilburn Henry
HARKINS, La Fayette C., Choctaw, b. April 1864 Atoka Co.
father: Henry Clay Harkins
uncle: David Harkins
HOMER, Davis A., Choctaw, b. 1862 Goodland, Choctaw Nation
father: Aaron Homer
wife: Selina Hayes
children: Mary Dorah and Aaron
HARRIS, Henry C., Choctaw, b. 1837 Eagle Co. Choctaw Nation
wife: Maggie Lee daughter of William Lee of Arkansas
children: James W., Walter C., Bent S., Laura B., and Mattie J.
uncle: Peter C. Pitchlyn
HAMPTON, Benjamin, Choctaw, Apr. 24, 1853 Wade County, Choctaw Nation
wives: (1) Harriet Belvin
children: 2, both died young.
(2) Daughter of W B. Simms, of Old Boggy
children, 3, two living: Perry and Phoebe
HEALD, Charles Hobart, Chickasaw, b. March 17, 1843, Skullyville, Choctaw
wives: Eliza Guy (d. 1887) daughter of W. R. Guy and sister to Gov. W. M.
children: 10, 5 living
HULL, William, Chickasaw, (page 314) b. 1844 Liverpool England
wife: Tippie Paul daughter of Smith Paul and Allatteche
children: Tamsey
HARRIS, Tipton Shirley, Chickasaw, (page 299) b. Aug. 1869 Mill Creek
father: Gov. Harris
wife: Birdie Hele, daughter of W. Hele, Louisville, KY
HARRIS, James W., Chickasaw, (page 313)
father: Cyrus Harris
wife: Tennie Brown, daughter of Gov. Brown
HARKINS, Giles W. Chickasaw, b. Apr. 2, 1861 Boggy Depot
father: Col. G. W. Harkins
wife: Mollie Sharp of Dyer Co., TN
HARKINS, Col. G. W., Chickasaw, b. MS d. Aug. 1890
father: Willis J. Harkins (Choctaw)
children: G. W. Harkins, Jr, and William
HAMPTON, Julius C., Choctaw b. 1859 Talihena, CN, IT
father: Nicholas H. Hampton, Blue county
wives: (1) Jennie Davenport
(2) Peggy Downing daughter of Ned Downing, Cherokee
children: Walter
HODGES, John M., Choctaw b. 1850 Sugar Loaf county, CN
wife "Miss McKinney",
father: Joseph Hodges
mother: Cebelle Wall
HODGE, D. W., Choctaw, b. 1859 Towsen Co.
father: Joseph Hodge, (white)
mother: Cebelle Wall, (choctaw)
wife: Alice Harkins, daughter of Clay Harkins, Atoka
children: David, Claude and John
HODGES, Joseph J., Choctaw,b. 1857 Towsen County
wife: Rose La Flore, daughter of Henry La Flore, Atoka
children: 3
brother: John M. and D. W. Hodges
HARRISSON, John M., Choctaw, b. 1858 Kiamichi county
father: Zadock HARRISSON
mother "Miss Ellis" daughter of Ellis and a daughter of Mosho-la-tubbe
wife: Bettie Walton daughter of Murray Walton of Texas
children: Martha and Cora
HARKINS, Alonzo J., Choctaw, b. 1860, Atoka Co., Choctaw Nation
father: Henry Clay Harkins of Atoka
wife: Mrs. J. Harkins, widow of Col. D. F. Harkins
children: 2, one living, La Fayette
HOWELL, Thomas P., Choctaw, b. 1849 Eagletown, I T
father: Calvin H. Howell
wife: Lizzie J. Grant, daughter of Thomas Grant
HOWELL, John T., Choctaw, b. 1838 Plymouth, MS
wife: Jane Colbert, daughter of Joe Colbert cousin of Frank Colbert
children: Albert, May and Brunette
HAMPTON, Hon. W. W., Choctaw, b. Jan. 1841
father: Nicholas Hampton
wife: Susan La Flore daughter of Adam La Flore
children: John and Elizabeth (Mrs. Soloman Mackay)
HARRISSON, Wm H., Choctaw,b. 1851 Red River Co.
father: Zadock Harrison
mother: Elizabeth Ellis daughter of John Ellis
wife: Scerilda MCCaslin
children: Ida, Ada, Etta
HESTER, G. B., Choctaw b. 1831, Granville Co., NC
wife: Lizzie Fulton of Tunnel Hill, GA
children: Fannie, (wife of Edward Perry, Dennison, TX)
Daisy (wife of Robert L. Owen)
HENEGAR, J. T. & Co.,
owners: B. Frank Byrd brother of Gov. W. L. Byrd
Mrs. J. James
J. T. Henegar b. 1847, Warren Co., TN
wives: (1) Paralee Cummins
(2) Ada Lillard
HANCOCK, C. A., b. Oct. 19, 1857
father: J. S. Hancock b. 1832, KY
wife: Julia Sims
HAAS, Julius, b. 1836 Weyerbach, Rhenish Prussia came to NY in 1853
wife: Fannie Sandheimer
children: Hugo, Alexander, Carrie and Gustave
HOUSTON, Granny, Kiowa Cherokee b. 1781


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