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Subject: [CHOCTAW] Brashear's exerpt from book,
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Some of this adds to the confusion, but... here is what Charles Brashears
says about Zadock, and his brood

Here are a few excerpts from my book in progress: "Two Brashears Families of
the Lower Mississippi Valley and their Choctaw Descendants," which is Vol 5
of the series in progress, A BRASHEAR(S) FAMILY HISTORY. Vol 1, "The First
200 Years of Brashear(s) in America," was published in Nov 98.
Zadock Brashears, s/o Jesse Brashear and Elizabeth Prather, was born c1755
(on 13 Jan 1810, he testified in connection with the Succession of David
White that he was 54 years old), probably in Orange (now Guilford) County,
NC. His father was on the tax list there that year and also received a
Granville Land Grant of 637 acres. Zadock migrated with his parents to
Pensacola and settled about 1783 on the Tombigbee River, in the vicinity of
Fort St. Stephens. In the 90s and early part of the 1800s, he lived on
Thompson's Creek in the District of Baton Rouge, New Feliciana Parish,
Spanish West Florida. After about 1808, he lived on Suk-en-Atcha Creek,
Sumter County, in the old Choctaw Nation, now Alabama. Zadock died before 30
Apr 1837, when George S. Gaines made affidavit that Zadock Brashears,
deceased, had sold his Choctaw reservation to Green B. Chaney of Mobile, AL,
on 30 Apr 1832. On 10 Oct 1842, Francis S. Lyons was appointed administrator
of the estate of Zadock Brashears, deceased (Sumter Co, AL, Orphans Court
Minutes, Bk 3, p.6); John McGrew and William Anderson were bondsmen. On 26
Jun 1844, a citation was issued Francis S. Lyons to file his account for
settlement of the estate of Zadock Brashears (Orphans Court Minutes, Bk 7,

Zadock Brashears married, in 1791, at Jones Bluff (now Epes), Sumter Co, AL,
Susannah Vaughn, b. c1770, d. c1823, officially d/o Thomas Vaughn, a
Scotsman, and a Choctaw woman, Winifred, but quite possibly (no
documentation) a daughter of John Turnbull and Winifred. About 1805-10, they
moved to Suk En Atcha Creek, a tributary of the Tombigbee River, and took up
land as Choctaws in Sumter Co, Alabama. Zadock was still there in 1831, when
a special census was made of Choctaws to determine the beneficiaries of
Clause 14 of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek of 1830.


Susannah (Vaughn) Brashears died some time about 1820-23. On 6 Sep 1824, in
Marengo Co, AL, Zadock Brashears Sr married second Rachel (née Durant; wid.
Brashears) Walker, the ex-wife of his brother, Samuel Brashears and widow of
David Walker (Book A, p.68, also summarized by Gandrud as Book 1, May 7,
1818--June 15, 1836, Wm. Barton, J.P.; Wm. I. Goodwyn, Bondsman). Rachel had
married second David "Davy" Walker and had seven children by him; see deed
and list above.

In 1830, Zadock was a citizen of the Choctaw Nation (by intermarriage) and
head of a Choctaw family, which included two step children, then under ten,
who were in his care: Sophia and David Walker. Zadock was a beneficiary
under Clause 19 of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and received land: Lot
No. 324, the Fractional Sec 20, except SW 1/4, T16, R1E, and fractional Sec
21, T16, R1E (List of Choctaw Reservations under 19th Article... Choctaw
Reserve Records, Federal Records Center, Microfilm 7RA-116, Roll 1). This
land is five miles south and three and four miles east of the mouth of
Suk-en-atcha Creek. It is three miles south and three and four miles east of
the Reservation granted to Rachel Brashears, his second wife. A
contradictory record, dated 27 Nov 1834, places his land in Fractional Sec
7, Sec 18, and Sec 17, T16, R1E, 612 acres; since the record notes that he
had two children in the household over ten, this may have been the
children's reservation under Article 14.

On 30 Apr 1837, George S. Gaines attested to the sale of Zadock Sr's
reservation to Greene B. Chaney of Mobile, AL, on 30 Apr 1832. The affidavit
stated that Zadock Brashears was deceased, i.e. before 30 Apr 1837 (Choctaw
Reserve Records, Group 75, Natl Archives).

Family of Zadock Brashears and Susannah Vaughn:
81. Maria (or Mary) Brashears, b. 20 Oct 1785. "On the said day and year [5
July 1789], I baptized solemnly at the said Fort [St. Stephens], Maria who
was born the 20th day of the month of October of the year 1785, the
illegitimate daughter of Zedeck Beshurs and Susanna Vaughn, Protestants and
inhabitants of the Tombigbee River. Her godparent was ________ Mugica,
Corporal of the Fort." Signed: Miguel Lamport (re: The Catholic Center,
Archdiocese of Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, Baptismal Records, Book 2, p.40.
English trans-lation from Spanish; thanks to Harley D. Anders Sr for a
82. *Jesse Brashears, b. c1791, d. 1827 (his estate was divided 1837); m.
Delilah Juzan, a three-quarter-blood (or more) Choctaw girl, d/o John
Charles Juzan; lived on the Tombigbee River. Jesse's widow, Delilah, was a
beneficiary under Clause 14 of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830; she
m.2. 10 Jan 1831, David W. Hall, in Marengo Co, AL.
83. *Elizabeth "Betsy" Brashears, b. c1792, d. Nov 1837; m. 30 Sep 1811,
William Buckholtz II. "Betsy Buckley" was a beneficiary under Clause 14 of
the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830.
84. *Ann Brashears, b. c1793; m.1. 11 Apr 1811, John Lyle, (Marriage Index,
West Feliciana 1791-1871.); m.2. c1815-18, her cousin, Alexander Brashears,
son of Samuel and Rachel (Durant) Brashears. Ann apparently died c1825, for
Alexander Brashears m. 15 Jul 1826, Marengo Co, AL, Emiline Jane Winn.
7 Jun 1812, Deed of bargain and sale between Zadock Brashears of Parish of
Feliciana and Territory of Orleans and Ann Lyle (Alias Ann Brashears), his
daughter, of Parish and Territory aforesaid, for $10.00 and considerations
of affection and regard for daughter Ann, as his lawful heir, parcel of land
400 A. situate on Redwood Creek. Land bounded by lands of Wesley Trahan and
Col. Wm. Kirkland, being remainder of tract cut off by said Trahan's upper
line, beginning at Redwood and running West to old lines. To be held in fee
simple by Ann. His
Wit.: Alexander Vaughan /s/Zadock [B] Brashears
William Boyce Mark
James Trahan

On 16 Aug 1818, Alexander Brashears and wife, Ann, both of Pearl River in
the Choctaw Nation sold 400 a. on Redwood Creek to Thomas Carney of
Feliciana Parish. The land was identified as that given to Ann by her
father, Zadock Brashears, as her dotal portion (Notarial Records, Feliciana
Parish, Bk A, p.208).
See Alexander Brashear's listing for their children.
85. *Susanna Brashear, b. c1793, d. MS, 5 May 1850; m.1. 6 May 1805, at New
Feliciana, John Benjamin Stewart, (4 ch) b. 1784, d. Feliciana Parish bef 28
Sep 1820 (VA Gazette Genealolgy, 1959, p.108); m.2. David Graham, (no ch)
86. *Delilah "Lila" Brashears, bap. 4 May 1794, (Records of St. Joseph's
Catholic Church, Diocese of Baton Rouge, Book 1, p.35; sponsors: Jersey
(Jesse? Spanish misreading for Asa) Bishears and Rush (Ruth) Bishears; m. 24
Mar 1808, Major William Trahern, in Hinds Co, MS
87. *Vaughn Brashears, b. 1798 (age 33 in Feb 1832); Vaughn died in Indian
Territory, about 1853 or 54; m. Isabella LeFlore, b. c1804 (28 in 1832),
sister to Greenwoood LeFlore, the Choctaw Chief who negotiated the Treaty of
Dancing Rabbit Creek. Vaughn was a beneficiary under Clause 14 of the Treaty
of Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830, yet was "removed" to Indian Territory in the
"Choctaw Trail of Tears."
88. *Sophia Brashears, b. 7 Feb 1802, bap. 14 Sep 1802, age six months, at
St. Francis Church, Point Coupee (Book 7, p.142), d. in Alabama, c1854; m.
Sampson Muncrief, in LA.
95. Sarah A. Muncrief, b. 30 Jan 1829, d. 14 Dec 1926; m.1. 1845, Erasmus
Bryant Hawkins, m.2. Aaron Harlan. Sarah was a beneficiary under Clause 14
of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830; she kept a diary of family
information all her life, and she gave testimony before the Dawes Commission
in 1896, which corroborates most of this family group. She said she was age
77 "last Jan" in Nov 1896, which would give her a birthdate of Jan 1819,
which is surely a mistake, considering how long she lived.
89. *Zadock Brashear Jr, b. 1804 (age 8 in 1812), d. Aug 1833; m. 22 Aug
1826, Anne De Costro, in Marengo Co, AL (Bk 1, p.128), with Robert Goodwin
as Security. Zadock was a beneficiary under Clause 14 of the Treaty of
Dancing Rabbit Creek, 1830. See below.
810. *Turner Brashear II, b. 1809 (age 3 in 1812); m. 31 Oct 1829, Ann
Holland, in Marengo Co, AL.

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