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From: Tammy Sharp <>
Subject: Re: [CHOCTAW] Fw: Dawes Commission
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 11:37:05 -0500
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My grandpa's allotted land (he was NB440 in the Choctaw tribe) was east of
Duncan in Stephens County. Matter of fact here are his allotment records for
Section 17 in Stephens county.


Willis, Sam. Cho. N. B. 440
SW SW 16; SE SW SE; SW NE SE 17; S NE 3-1N-5W. 140.
2-28, 2-23, 5-27, 6-8-07, 2 p. m.
NW NW 21; NE NE 20; SE SE 17-1N-5W. 120. (H).
2-27, 2-21, 5-27, 6-1-07. 3 p. m.

Legend: (H) = homestead; Cho = Choctaw; B=Citizen by blood; M=Citizen by
marriage; N. B. = New Born Roll
Source: Index to Choctaw .. Chickasaw Deeds and Allotments, compiled and
published by E. Hastain, Muskogee, OK, copyright 1908.

My mother still live on this land and gets extremely aggravated when the
Choctaw tribe tells her something is only available for those living in the 10
1/2 counties as she lives on the allotment given to her Stephens

Also I live 1 & 1/2 miles west of Rush Springs and according to my land records
this land was originally deeded to a Choctaw girl....she died and her family
sold the land.


Jacque Hopkins Wolski wrote:

> Can anyone answer Pam's question. I am stumped. Jacque
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> From: Mike and Pam <>
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> Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 7:47 PM
> Subject: Dawes Commission
> > Saw your posting on Roots Web. Have been searching the Cooper's and
> Brown's
> > and saw the posting on the "Dawes Commission and the Allotmentof the Five
> > Civilized Tribes 1893-1914" book. I've run into a snag, due to the Supreme
> > Court ruling to overturn a case "Nancy J. Cooper vs. Choctaw Nation " in
> > 1909. Seems that ALL the persons named in the original court case were
> > admitted to the Dawes roll but then taken off due to the overturn ruling.
> My
> > husband and I talked to the BIA in Muskogee and found out about the 1909
> > ruling. They told us the reason it was overturned was because that the
> > people named in the court ruling were NOT living in the Choctaw area when
> > they were added to the Dawes rolls. They in fact were in the Chickasaw
> area
> > of Duncan,Comanche area, Now Stephens Co. I had never heard of that before
> > this week. Is that possible. I talked to a lady that works at the Five
> > Civilized Tribe Museum in Muskogee and she is of the Choctaw tribe and her
> > ansesters are from the Duncan area and are on the rolls. My Aunt was told
> by
> > The BIA that her Family was TOO poor to be on the rolls. How is it that
> each
> > application is treated differant. There were over 40 Choctaws on the Nancy
> > Cooper Case that was suppose to be on the rolls, She died and it was
> > overturned after she fought so hard to win the case in Ardmore. Died
> > thinking her Children would be taken care of and know that their Heritage
> > would be confirmed. There were Browns, Coopers, Sanders, Nichols,Campells,
> > Bowens, Martins,and Longs. I do not know as yet Which Supreme Court
> > overturned the ruling of Nancy Coopers Case. The National Archives in FT.
> > Worth Has the Case and letter to Caswell Marion Brown, File no. 6022 Jun
> > 29,1909 titiled "Denied enrollment" from the Commissioner of Indian
> Affairs.
> > There are a lot of ancesters at the present time that would like an
> > explanation. Where and who can we get this info. Is there any thing you
> can
> > provide us with, info, names. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank
> > you for your time.
> >
> > Pamela Hynson Kahler
> >
> > Mike and Pam
> >
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