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Subject: Christian, James (1680-1750) Family/GIDEON CHRISTIAN SC
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 97 15:17:31 GMT

I am forwarding this posting to the CHRISTIAN surname list from the Library
of Virginia List where I saw it posted and then responded to by someone else.
I would like to know if there is any connection between this CHRISTIAN
family and the family of GIDEON CHRISTIAN, SR. who died in Edgefield Dist., S.
C. with a will and estate records about 1822. {Don't want to stop to find the
exact date.} He arrived in South Carolina probably after the 1790 or 1800
census probably from Virginia according to one undocumented source.
The end of this forwarded Christian query lists a GIDEON CHRISTIAN b. Feb.
5, 1726/27 d. 1796 Lived at Squirrel Park. Most definitely not the same man,
but is the same name and could very well be the same family.
One of my paternal 2-great grandmothers according to the 1916 death
certificate of my great grandfather Carpenter was Sarah CHRISTIAN Carpenter b.
c. 1810-15 in S. C. m. William Carpenter and d. probably in Edgefield County,
South Carolina, after c. Feb. 1883. Have ample documentation on descendents of
Adam Carpenter who arrived in Edgefield District, S.C., about 1804 from Moore
Co., North Carolina. However, death certificate information given by my great
grandmother, Emma Frances Whitlock Carpenter in Augusta, Richmond County,
Georgia, in 1916 is the only record I have found of the CHRISTIAN maiden name
or any other maiden name for Sarah.
Gideon Christian, Sr. d. c. 1822, had a daughter Sarah the right age, but
she married and died in childbrith before c. 1825. Have been attempting to
determine if my Sarah was a granddaughter through one of his sons, or even
perhaps the daughter or granddaughter of his brother William. Estate records
do not give many names with which to work. Census records are to late as she
was married and had all her children before 1850.
However, the later census does have the last name Christie. I have not
been able to determine if this is a corruption of the name or a different
family all together. Any assistance appreciated.
Vivian T. Cates, Rt. #2 Box 52-A, Alto, Texas 75925 1-409-858-3815
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At 11:26 PM -0400 8/22/97, BOYNTON, ALLEN wrote:
>Searching for additional information on the ancestry of James Christian, =
>born about 1680 in Charles City County, Virginia. His wife, Ann Macon, =
>was from Macon's Island in New Kent County. James Christian's father was =
>Thomas Christian, who died in Charles City County.=20
>I would love to hear from any of you who can provide information on this =
>family. Thanks!
>Descendants of James Christian
> =09
>1 James Christian b: Abt 1680 in Charles City Co. VA d: February =
>. +Ann Macon b: in Macon's Island, New Kent Co. VA=09
>..2 Judith Christian =09
>...... +James Ladd b: in of Charlaes City Co., VA=09
>..2 William Christian =09
>...... +Susan Browne =09
>.. *2nd Wife of William Christian: =09
>...... +? Collier =09
>..2 Joel Christian b: in Charles City Co.=09
>...... +Sarah ? =09
>..2 Richard Christian b: Abt 1700 in "of Charles City
>Co." VA=09
>...... +Unlisted =09
>..2 James Christian b: Abt 1725 in Charles City County, VA=09
>...... +Tabitha Meanly =09
>..2 Gideon Christian b: February 05, 1726/27 in Lived at
>"Squirrel =
>Park" d: 1796
>...... +Susan Browne =09


I have no information on this family, but woulf like to know if ytou have
any information on a Etheline Nelson Christian?

Thanks for your assistance,

Scott "Buddha" Barnes

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