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Subject: [CITY-DIRECTORIES] New Online Directories at
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 18:28:55 -0500

Dear List,

We have added the following books to our directory page:

1872, 1875 Cincinnati, OH

The 1880's will be next.

We have added the following to our military page:

Pennsylvania Musters: 1775-1883 Militia, 1790-1800 Militia, War of 1812
Nebraska Civil War Volunteers
Wisconsin Civil War Volunteers - This is in 2 volumes. Volume 2 is up.
Volume 1 will be completed tonight or tomorrow.

We hope you find the material on our site useful and return often.

akadonnew _@_

Eve and Don Krieger
Pittsburgh, PA

Frontpage:http://www.evendon.comIncludes links to all Pages
Military Page:http://military.evendon.comHistories and Musters
Directory Page:http://directory.evendon.comDirectories organized by state and country
Census Page:http://census.evendon.com1790 Federal Census, 1840 Pensioners, others

Everything on our site is free and permanent.
Loading is very fast.
Each page includes a highlighted link which you can copy/paste
to reference or cite that page online.
Please support by letting others know about it.
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